Globally around 47,000 deaths are confirmed so far. More than 9 lakh patients are identified, and the toll is still increasing, out of which 1,94,000 recovered from this pandemic. The UK registered more than 500 deaths in a single day.

In the United States, the total number of cases is now 2,15,000, out of which 4500 deaths are observed so far. New York is the most affected city of the USA and has 85,000 cases alone. The number of patients in Italy is still increasing rapidly and mounts to 1,10,574, out of which 13,115 deaths are registered till now. Deaths in Iran crosses 3000.

Indian Statistics

Coronavirus news
Source – Worldometer

Talking about India as per worldometer statistics, the number of patients in India is 1998 and still increasing. Around 205 cases meet an outcome, out of which 147 recovered, and 58 deaths are registered so far.

Wimbledon Council canceled

This year Wimbledon Council has been canceled due to coronavirus pandemic. This is the first time in history after the World war 2.


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