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    A Guide on How to Annotate a PDF Quickly

    Handling PDF files has become a part of regular life as many industries continue to go paperless. But at the same time, managing these documents presents massive problems to employees and everyday users. 

    And when working with a PDF, you might need to highlight key points and embed notes to signify the relevance of specific text fragments. 

    This process is called PDF annotation. And in this article, we’ll discuss how to annotate your text correctly. Without further ado, let’s get right down to it. 

    Why Is It So Difficult to Edit Pdf Files?

    If you’ve ever had trouble editing a PDF file, you can rest assured that you’re not the only one. PDFs are difficult to edit; that’s why it’s only possible to edit or annotate PDF with desktop software. 

    Here are the obstacles that make PDF annotation a challenge:

    1. Flattened PDFs — If you convert a Word file from a PDF note-taking app, you often regain the ability to edit the text content. But if the PDF document comes from a graphics tool, the content is uneditable.
    2. Browser limitation — Although most browsers can open PDF files, they can’t edit or annotate PDFs.
    3. Lack of technical knowledge — even with the best annotation apps, editing a PDF can be a headache if you lack the technical skills. In the end, you might complicate things further.

    Note: If the PDF is locked, even the best PDF annotation app cannot access the file. There are also copyright and permission issues to consider because editing PDFs without permission from the owner is illegal. 

    How to Highlight, Strikethrough, or Underline Text Online

    Now that we’ve talked about why PDFs are complex to edit, it’s time to look at how to annotate PDF files quickly.


    There are many apps for highlighting PDFs online, but the easiest to use is Lumin PDF because it’s one of the best apps for annotating PDFs

    1. Upload the PDF file you want to edit.
    2. Select the text you want to highlight. 
    3. Click the “Fill color” button and choose the color you want to use to highlight the text.


    The strikethrough function indicates that you want to delete something without actually removing it from the entire text. 

    1. Select the text you want to strike through. 
    2. Right-click your mouse, and you’ll see the “Cross out text” option.
    3. Click on it.


    The exact process applies to underlining a text.

    1. Select the text you want to underline. 
    2. Right-click your mouse, and you’ll see the “Underline” option.
    3. Click on it.

    How to Add a Sticky Note Online

    To add a sticky note when writing on PDF app, you have to look for the “Comment” button. 

    The drop-down menu with color options enables you to choose your preferred text color. Some of the best note-taking apps may provide text thickness and opacity options.

    After picking the font type and color, choose a spot on your screen to place the sticky note. It’s advisable to select a location that doesn’t obstruct the view of the PDF itself.

    How to Add a Text Box Online

    A text box is an annotation tool that allows you to take notes on PDF. This feature lets you put texts anywhere on a file. 

    To add a text box to a PDF file online, do the following: 

    1. Click on the “Comment” option, and look through the options. 
    2. Click on the text box icon (a capital “T” with broken lines). 
    3. Ensure you’re on the desired page before adding the text box. 
    4. When you click on the “Text box” icon, the text box will appear with a place-holder text, which you can replace with your desired text. 

    The best annotation apps enable comments from multiple document collaborators.

    How to Edit a Sticky Note Comment Online.

    We’ve talked about how to add sticky notes to PDFs, but what if you’re sent a PDF file with sticky notes already embedded, and you don’t want to keep adding more and cluttering your screen? Or maybe you made a mistake on a sticky note and want to correct it? 

    The solution is simple: you can edit the existing sticky note instead of deleting it or adding a new one.

    Use a customizable PDF note-taker to edit all sticky notes on a PDF file, both old and new. If you’re using a file editor when annotating PDF, you can click on the sticky note icon and go straight to editing. 

    How to Delete Text Online

    The best way to annotate PDF and rectify mistakes is by whitewashing: using a white marker to block out the text. 

    But what if you’re not allowed to whitewash? 

    When people use mobile apps to take notes on PDF, they usually miss out on critical features that PDF editors have. 

    With a PDF editor, you can open edit mode, select the text you want to delete, and click delete. The PDF editor automatically adjusts the rest of the text to fit into the space left by the deleted text. 

    How to Delete a Sticky Note Online

    Deleting sticky notes from a PDF online is easy for people who know how to take notes on PDF

    To remove a sticky note from a PDF you uploaded online, follow these instructions: 

    1. Right-click on the sticky note and choose “Delete the annotation.”

    Simple! The sticky note disappears.

    Note: Do not click “Remove” because this will delete the entire PDF, including any unsaved changes you made online. 

    How to Replace Text Online

    When you take notes on PDF viewers, learning how to replace texts will help you edit and declutter your PDF documents when you take notes on PDF viewers.

    To replace text using apps for writing on PDFs, follow these simple steps:

    1. Upload your PDF to the document viewer.
    2. Search for the content you want to replace in the search box.
    3. Enter the text replacement text. 
    4. Click “Replace” when ready.


    Online PDF editors remain the best way to annotate and edit PDFs quickly. If you can’t find mobile editors, get a good PDF editor like Lumin PDF. With the advanced features available on this document viewer, you can add or remove sticky notes, highlight key points, and delete unwanted text fragments.


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