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    How to Lower My Website’s Bounce Rate? A Comprehensive Guide

    For the majority of people, the main purpose of hiring an SEO specialist in New York is to grab one of the prominent spots in the search engine results. For the unaware, when the rankings of a website improve, it gets more traffic and the chances of lead generation increases.

    However, all that effort will go down the drain if the bounce rate of your website is high. This means that a higher number of people are visiting your website, but they aren’t taking the desired action. Resultantly, the bounce rate is higher, and the sales figure, unfortunately, is lower.

    Now, you must be wondering how the bounce rate increases and what can you do to bring it down. Fortunately for you, we have got answers to both these important questions. Let’s get to them:

    Reasons Why the Bounce Rate is High?

    Technical Errors

    If there are technical errors that are preventing visitors from viewing your website, the bounce rate, needless to say, is going to be on the higher side.

    Slow Loading

    Page loading speed not only impacts the bounce rate but the overall performance of the website. In fact, it has an impact on SEO performance as well. So, if the page loads slowly, chances are that your website wouldn’t be there among the top results only.

    In case, it has managed to accomplish this feat, do not expect visits converting into sales. Because no one, in today’s age, has enough time to wait for minutes before the website loads so that they can place an order. They’ll happily move to abundant other options they have at their disposal.

    If the website loads slowly on the mobile, you need to take immediate actions because most traffic, in current times, comes from mobile/handheld devices only.

    The Disparity in the Advertisement and Actual Offer

    A lot of websites opt for false advertising gimmick to bring traffic to their website. Well, this trick works only for bringing traffic, but the bounce rate tends to be high because the internet users, now, have become smart and they know how to not fall prey to such scams.

    Poor Content

    While it’s given not everyone reads every line of the content written on a website, still it’s important to get high-quality content written from a professional for your website. A poor content having grammatical errors is surely going to drive visitors away. It reeks unprofessionalism. Therefore, do not expect a low bounce rate if you have such content written on your website.

    Poor Navigation

    A website that has a bad user interface that doesn’t allow the user to navigate through the page and place an order easily is bound to have a high bounce rate.

    Ways to Reduce the Bounce Rate

    Remove Technical Errors

    To begin with, there should be no errors, technical or otherwise, on the website. Every button should be in a perfect working condition. Hire a quality assurance expert if you can to get an assurance of the same. Many website development agencies also offer such services.

    If the errors are removed/debugged, it will give one less reason for the visitor to abandon your website to move to other options.

    Other than errors, also analyze the website for a broken/missing link.

    Have an Easy, User-Friendly Interface

    Surely, fancy websites with vibrant designs look appealing. However, if the design doesn’t allow the users to navigate through the website conveniently, they would get confused and the option at their disposal would be to abandon the website. No one’s going to take pains to navigate through a complex and complicated website, unless and until your products/services are extremely unique or you’re offering them at unbelievable low rates.

    Optimize and Improve Your Content

    Regardless of what people say, content still holds great importance for generating sales. If the content written on your website is captivating and compelling enough, the user is definitely going to take an interest. It also gives the scope to place keywords strategically, which, in turn, facilitates SEO. Furthermore, if the content is engaging enough, the user may spend more time on your website reading it. A win-win situation in every way!

    You can also incorporate video content for an added effect. However, it shouldn’t play automatically. And if it does, it should start without sound.

    Optimize Images

    The bigger the images, the heavier they are and the slower your page is going to load. So, make sure the images on your website are compressed properly. And ensure this compression doesn’t impact their quality.

    If you’re following the aforementioned practices, not only the bounce rate will decrease but you will also be able to get the most out of the services of local SEO experts you have hired.



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