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    How to Prepare for a Math Olympiad?

    The preparation process for a Maths Olympiad is a wholesome process. This does not just include external preparation but also does include internal preparation. This simply means that in order to prepare for a maths Olympiad a dual readiness is a must. If either of the ones goes down the results would vary accordingly. Thereby we need to make sure we have both hard as well as smart work brought together and other things remaining constant to have a good output. Therefore these are the steps or ways a 5th class student must take in order to excel before diving into the ocean of the maths Olympiad.

    • Knowing the content/syllabus:

    The first and most primary step would be to know what the syllabus is. Though this might not look so like a step it is indeed to know what the preparation is on. Therefore a pleasant skimming of the syllabus is a must. In this case, it is important to know what would be the course for a 5th grader. Therefore this marks as the step which will get the student on what to be do. At times people overlook this and end up overdoing things. Hence this step will help in the initial preparation process of what to do and what not to do, also on what to prepare more about and what not to.

    • Understanding the level of the exam:

    After the completion of the first step the student will know a summary of what to be looked into but things do not stop here. This means that it is important for what reason the preparation must be done meaning which the talk about the level or range of the exam comes into play. Thereby this will help the student in the standards of preparation. Hence by following the first two steps the quantitative and the qualitative process of the basics of the exam can be covered.

    • Stepwise planning:

    Now that the initial process ranging from qualitative and quantitative process regarding the content or syllabus is done. The next step would be to get into actually working. This means that the above-given steps fall under the preparation process whereas this is the pre-execution step. This means the process of execution starts only post this step. Also, this is a multi-purposive and multi-faceted step that involves two or three steps put together. This necessarily involves many steps but the highlighted ones would be that of making a proper schedule and making sure time is spent effectively in following the same. This means that it is important for the student to have a properly made schedule on the timelines and it is required that he/she follows the same. Though there are times at which the schedule cannot be followed as such it is still important that something of that effect even if it’s flexible is made so as to rearrange it time and then. This will help the student in knowing the timeline of what is being done, what is going on and what is yet to be done. Further, a seamless flow will also be parallel in this case. The next step that is involved in pre-execution is that of time being spent effectively. This is because time would play an important role in the preparation of exams like this. Covering a vast amount of chapters and lessons it would be important to have a track of how much time is spent on each and how the time should be segregated on one and the other. If this process is not done so then there would be an imbalance in the process.

    • Practice:

    Though this step looks like a pre-execution step it is definitely a core step in the process of execution. As said earlier the level of these kinds of exams differ variably and there will be enough chances that a student would have not come across this earlier. Therefore it is important that a student does enough practice in relation to the chapters that he has to prepare with. This process will also involve taking up online tests and mock tests in regard to the same. Before any big exams, it is important that a student takes a few mock tests in order to not just get practice but also to be accustomed to the process. Therefore this step forms a key in the preparation as well as the execution process. Students can refer to previous year papers like IMO Class 5 2015 Question Paper.

    • Opinion and reviews:

    Though this is not a compulsory step that ought to be taken however before giving the Olympiad it is important that there is a clearance in terms of opinions from the teacher is taken. This will help a student to understand what are their strengths and weaknesses. Further teachers will be the best source of information on to know a brief of what is to be done. This will help in rectifying the mistakes done and further clear the path of what is to be done. Apart from the opinion of a teacher at times, it is important to know what is on the internet. At this current technological age, it is important to what the internet and the people of the internet say about the exam. It will be provisional in learning techniques, tips and various other teams associated with the exam.

    • Being calm and well:

    This will be the final step that a student has to pass with. It is important that a student is not stressed or worked out before an exam. Physical and mental well-being before an exam is very much important for the best results. Therefore a student must make sure he is fit enough in all terms to give the exam.

    These steps though are common for a student to do so however for a 5th grader to do these things without guidance at times would look impossible. Therefore parents must also get involved in helping the student get through certain steps in order to have a successful Olympiad.


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