How to Prepare your Home for a Fire


For homeowners, fire safety is one of the biggest concerns. There a few things scarier than the idea of getting caught in a house fire. However, you can significantly reduce the risk if you take some precautionary steps. Here’s how to prepare your home for a fire.

Install the right number of smoke alarms       

Smoke alarms are the first line of defense in a fire. The quicker you know about a fire, the easier it is to either prevent it from spreading or protect everyone in the home. You should have smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on every level of the home (including the basement). With this amount of smoke alarms, you should know quickly in the event of a fire.

Teach children what smoke alarms sound like

You can be pretty sure that any adult will know what a fire alarm sounds like. However, can you be sure that children know the sound? If they don’t, they could end up being confused in an emergency. When you install the fire alarms, make sure you teach children what they sound like.

Prepare two ways to escape each room

Getting stuck in a room is the most dangerous thing that can happen in the event of a fire. That’s why you should prepare two escape routes. This gives you a backup option if one escape route is blocked. If the room isn’t on the ground floor, you should prepare a plan of how to get down safely from a window. For example, you could prepare a soft surface to jump onto or a rope to climb down.

Have a meeting spot outside

In the event of a fire, you should have a meeting spot outside the house. It should be easy to access and plenty of distance away from the house. The point of having a meeting spot outside is so that you can quickly find out if anyone is stuck inside the building.

Buy extra fire safety equipment

Every house should have smoke alarms (and in some countries, they have to by law). However, this is really the most basic fire safety equipment. If you want to truly protect your house from a fire, you should consider installing some more advanced fire safety equipment. Check out APFE Corp. for sprinklers, extinguishers, and more.

Practice escaping from your home at least twice a year

To minimize the chances of anyone getting hurt in a fire, you should practice a fire drill at least twice a year. This ensures that everyone knows exactly what to do in an emergency. Practice escape routes, meeting points, and anything else that could help you get out of the house successfully. Regular practice will also show any weaknesses in your fire drills.

Make sure everyone knows how to call 911

The faster you call 911, the faster the fire department will be able to help you. That’s why it’s important to make sure that everyone knows how to call 911. This might sound obvious but children need teaching if you expect them to be able to call.


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