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    How Film Can Be A Positive Influence

    Everyone likes to pretend they are their favorite movie stars by quoting various soundbites or even just recreating scenes with friends. There is always the appeal of the silver screen that tends to jump out to the average person who, in many ways, just wants to emulate the people that they see on the screen. Whether this is through TV or film, it is possible for someone to develop a bond with other people who have similar interests.

    Film offers an escape

    This might sound silly, but much of western society tends to be influenced by what is shown on film. Think about when your kids watch certain shows and start repeating phrases or actions that they see on one of these shows. It might only be on a small scale most of the time but being able to copy some of your heroes on TV is just part and parcel of nature. Everyone wants to be that film star but sometimes it is just possible they look to copy their ‘idols’. So although it happens in too much of a big way, there are ways to emulate them sometimes.

    Pretend you’re a star

    At KM Arms it is possible to order replica firearms and frames to give you that feeling of being closer to the other film stars as you hold that firearm in your hand. Although you don’t strictly need a license for a Polymer 80, it is still wise to exercise caution in order to get the best possible result or even just to feel closer to the stars. With the right controls in place, who’s to say that you won’t have a good time just pretending that you are a gangster for an hour or so? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of escapism now and then. Everyone wants to be like their favorite film characters, so now is your chance.

    Films make you think

    When looking at society as a whole, it is possible to see how films impact every day. Films make you think about how you approach everyday life, and a film with a particularly powerful message can have a ripple effect on how society addresses these concerns. Just look at the film Philadelphia and how Tom Hanks’ character was shown in a sympathetic light despite the taboos that were around about HIV and AIDS at that time. It is this effect that film can have, and more often, it is for the better.

    People bond over films

    Have you ever sat down with someone and discussed the finer points of a film or TV show. Odds are you have, and this is just one of the wonders of film. You and a companion might be from completely different walks of life, but sharing experiences of these films is what it is all about. People get brought together by mutual interests, and many films offer healthy debate, giving ample opportunity and ammunition to have extended conversations about things that you would never have considered beforehand. For something so common, it sure is powerful.


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