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    How to Stay mentally Healthy During Covid-19

    Isolation, Lockdown, Quarantine or social distancing are terrifying words but the need of the hour. Emotional and psychological pressure during such a pandemic situation can be daunting at times. There are a few strategies that can help you prevent anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness.

    We went through a lot of interviews and expert advice and collated them in this article to educate and strengthen you to fight this pandemic situation. These tips on staying mentally healthy will embrace your life and keep you out of lockdown frustration and will motivate you to stay strong.

    Make the Most Out of Your Gadgets

    From a baby to grandpa, everybody is well connected to the latest technology and use modern gadgets to learn, earn or relax their mind. There are numerous apps on Google play store that can ease you during these tough times. Apps like Wysa, BoosterBuddy, Shine, #SelfCare or Talkspace are highly motivating and will help you sail through this turbulent time.

    Such apps are highly effective in managing overwhelming thoughts, bonding strong relations, keeping calm during tough times. Gadgets like a computer, Alexa, smartphone or televisions are also helpful to keep connected and busy so that you keep negative thoughts away from your mind.

    Start Indoor Exercise

    During the times of lockdown or home quarantine, you may be a victim of physical issues with your health. As all the gyms and parks are closed, you may not find enough space to workout. There are numerous other ways to work out as you can start the indoor workout and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. You can start with Yoga, skipping or lightweight exercise to relieve stress, improve your sleep and keep your overall health intact. Music, dance or aerobics can keep you motivated.

    Be Active on Social Media

    Don’t be socially disconnected due to the lockdown restrictions. Stay connected to your friends, family, and relatives on social networking platforms. Make the most out of Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms. These social networking platforms are the new meeting spaces that will keep you connected and updated with what’s going on in the world. Keep away from rumors and only believe in trusted sources.

    Keep Away from Stressful Information

    It is advisable not to sit in front of the news channel throughout the day and watch stressful information. A lot of stressful information is going around about the death toll, coronavirus infection spread, quarantining, job losses, financial crunches and negativity all over the broadcasts. Following basic steps to reduce stress and anxiety can ease the situation.

    •         Avoid exposure to dreadful news throughout the day and just stick to morning or evening headlines.
    •         Keep a calm atmosphere at home and be close to your family members. They are also scared of this situation and need your mental and moral support.
    •         Don’t let kids and elderly people come across all the deadly events going around the world. They just need to be informed what’s going around but doesn’t need to get into the nitty-gritty.

    Follow Your Routine

    •         Continue doing your routine activities and live your passion.
    •         Follow your routine of sleep and wakeup time and continue your online sessions or work from home.
    •         Don’t forget to practice mindful meditation and give a break to your gadgets for ten minutes every hour.
    •         Go easy with your diet as, without physical workout, you may gain weight and mess up with your health.

    Keep a Check on What’s in Your Hand

    •         This is a crucial time when you need to put limits on everything. Start putting a limit on stepping out, touching things outside, shake hands, meeting strangers, or stepping out without a mask.
    •         You need to limit your spending habits as the financial crunch and economical crises may hamper your budget and put you in financial liabilities.
    •         Stop being dependent on others to pick your grocery, do laundry or dishes as your hygiene is in your hands and they can’t care as much as you can.
    •         You need to continue managing your daily tasks as this is not a one day or a week situation. This phase may take longer than expected and piling things may put you in stress and burden.
    •         Put a pause on negative energy and keep the atmosphere calm at home. Control on emotions and situations that may hinder your family lifestyle.

    Summing Up

    This is one odd situation that has taken such a massive turn and the entire world is suffering from this dreadful situation. Staying motivated and mentally healthy during COVID-19 is tough however you can control the situation around you. Once you are focused and mentally prepared, you can also spread awareness and take care of your family and relatives. Practice mindfulness meditation and continue living your passion will keep your attention out of negative energy. Stay home, Stay Safe, and Stay mentally prepared for good days to come.


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