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    Hundreds die in Aden of Yemen of suspected Coronavirus Outbreak

    The war-torn country Yemen has not been spared due to Corona virus infection causing havoc all over the world. Hundreds of people died in southern Yemen’s main city of Aden last week from symptoms such as a corona virus infection. Giving information about this, local health officials said that they expected the situation to worsen as Yemen lacked the ability to investigate suspected cases of corona virus and the 5 years of civil war led to poor health arrangements. Has collapsed.

    A man who dug up a grave in Aden said that he never saw such a number of people dying in the city, while people shed each other’s blood on the streets on the day of the civil war. Officially, the number of people infected with the corona virus in the southern region of Yemen is 106, of which 15 people died. Authorities in North Yemen, occupied by the Houthi rebels, announced the first case of infection on 5 May, saying only 2 cases of infection had been reported, one of which resulted in death.

    Doctors say the authorities are hiding the number of cases. Head of the Registrar’s Office of Adan, Sanad Gamel said that 527 people have died in Aden from May 7 to Thursday. It seems that the infection is spreading rapidly and the country has little capacity to deal with it. Altaf Musani, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Yemen, said that if the infection spreads among communities in Yemen, it would prove disastrous. The WHO said its models suggest that half of Yemen’s population could be infected and that more than 40,000 people could die. Yemen has a population of thirty million.

    Half of the health centers in Yemen are closed. Out of 333 districts in the country, 18 percent of the districts do not have any doctors. Water supply and drainage systems are crumbling. Many families do not even have a single meal. There are about 500 ventilators in Yemen and 700 beds in the ICU. There is one oxygen cylinder per month for every 2.5 million people. In the absence of protective equipment, health workers do not want to treat patients suspected of corona virus. Many doctors believe that corona virus infection is the cause of the rise in death in Aden. More than one lakh people have died in the country due to war and millions have been displaced.


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