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    Rahul Gandhi said people need financial help not debt, PM Modi should rethink the economic package

    Former Congress National President and Parliamentarian Rahul Gandhi on Saturday urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government to reconsider the economic package and add money directly to the accounts of the people as they need direct financial help, not debt. Rahul Gandhi said that if the demand did not arise, the loss of the corona virus to the country would also result in a huge economic loss. He also said that the government needs to open the lockdown with prudence and caution and take special care of the elderly and those suffering from serious diseases.

    Gandhi, while speaking to reporters via video link, said that the package that should have been there should not have been a package of debt. I am disappointed about this. Today, there is a need to put money directly into the account of farmers, laborers and the poor.

    He said that the government should give loan, but Bharat Mata should not do moneylender work with their children, they should give money directly in their pocket. At this time the poor, farmers and laborers need money, not money. The Congress leader said that I request that Narendra Modi ji should reconsider the package. Think of giving money directly to farmers and laborers.

    He said that I have heard that rating is the reason for not giving money. It is being said that if the financial deficit increases, the outside agencies will reduce the rating of our country. Our ratings make laborers, farmers, small businessmen. So don’t think about ratings, give them money. According to Gandhi, there is a need for prudence and caution while opening the lockdown. We have to remove it carefully. Our elderly, people with heart, lung and kidney diseases should be protected.


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