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    Madhya Pradesh: Two groups clashed on coronavirus test, one killed, 3 seriously injured

    Bhopal: In the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, a case of bloody clash between two parties has come to light after the controversy over the Corona investigation on Friday late evening. Both sides fought fiercely after a minor scuffle, in which a 50-year-old woman was killed and 3 people were seriously injured. One of the injured has been referred to Gwalior while two people are being treated at the district hospital. As soon as the information of the case was received, the City Police Station Police Station reached the spot and started investigation.

    According to reports, a minor quarrel between the two parties in Ward No 37 Prem Nagar, located in the City Kotwali police station area of ​​Bhind district, turned into a bloody conflict. Both sides are from different communities, in which speaking of a Muslim community to conduct a corona investigation, the dispute started from Nagwar and Kahsuni turned into a bloody conflict. According to the information, a person from the Muslim community came from Delhi about a month ago. Seeing him sitting outside the house, people living in the neighborhood asked him about the investigation of corona virus.

    On this matter, there was a dispute between the two sides first and then there was knife and stone pelting. In this, a woman from the other side died on the spot while 3 people were seriously injured. One person from the other side is also being injured. The accused escaped from the scene by locking the house before the police reached the spot. Police said that the accused are being searched and they will be arrested soon. The sister of the deceased says that the quarrel was caused by urinating on the wall, while the police said that the corona investigation took place.


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