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    ICC said – Do not shine the ball by spitting, there is no danger in the use of sweat

    The ICC Cricket Committee, led by Anil Kumble, recommended a ban on the use of spit or saliva in flashing the ball. However, the committee considered ball-shining as safe from the use of sweat. Like other sports, cricket is also closed due to coronavirus. But, there is a debate on whether the traditional methods will be continued or the use of artificial things to maintain the brightness of the ball when cricket starts again.

    Doctor also included in the meeting

    The cricket committee met on Monday through video conferencing. Anil Kumble presided. ICC Medical Advisory Committee head doctor Peter Hercourt also attended. He advised to ban the use of sputum and saliva. According to him, there is a risk of infection from it. However, the use of sweat in flashing the ball was declared safe. Some other precautions have also been recommended to be adopted.

    Will there be a local umpire?

    Till now there are three neutral umpires in Test matches and two in ODIs. But, currently most countries either have travel restrictions or have other problems. So, local umpires can be kept for some time. The number of DRS can be increased in every inning. This will help in maintaining the level of umpiring better. However, this umpire will also decide the ICC.

    What did Kumble say?

    Anil Kumble said, “We are going through a completely different phase. Some things have been considered. But, these are interim yet. Our aim is to start cricket again by adopting safe methods. ” Now these recommendations will be put up in the meeting of the Chief Executives to be held in June. There will be a final decision on these.

    Opinion of former players

    Former players have differing opinions about prohibiting traditional methods of flashing the ball. Michael Holding does not accept the ban. Alan Donald is in support of the alternative. Sachin Tendulkar believes that now players will hesitate to spit the ball. Waqar Younun, Ashish Nehra and Harbhajan Singh accept the old way. David Warner is also not in favor of banning the traditional method.


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