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    Ryan Silver Guiding Athletes with His Passionate Attitude

    Ryan Silver is the most highlighted person in college sports, serving the industry for more than four decades. His philosophy for coaching shaped thousands of basketball athletes and the multiple futures of basketball players, including men and women. Ryan is famous for shaping the West Coast Elite Basketball and placing it among the leading event operators nationwide. Ryan helped the store become the number 1 event operator on the West Coast due to his vast experience and dynamic coaching skills.

    Ryan, The Wall Of Fame & Skills

    His assistance has a wide range of influence on society as he has been a versatile and skilled mentor for thousands of athletes. He has mentored countless former and current NBA & NCAA Division 1 college basketball athletes.

    Ryan has been changing countless lives through sports by running his own sports platform, “Silver Waves Media,” famous as a global media company that aims to shape and boost thousands of athletes, athletic directors, coaches, and presidents to be in the limelight with their specific levels and niches. The program aims to tackle more than 8 sports and provide valuable assistance through videos, news, interviews, podcasts, social media, websites, and scouting reports to maintain the legacy.

    Providing Secure Shelters for Sports Athletes

    Ryan Silver, the president, started this platform to spread sports knowledge and influence those in the sports leagues. Ryan is unstoppable as it has already assisted more than 500 sports athletes in playing with pure passion and getting scholarships from NCAA Division 1 programs.

    Ryan is famous for being the most impactful high major assistant coach in DI Women’s Basketball history. He is renowned for being the industry’s best leader in the High Academic space. Ryan started his coaching career by coaching the well-known West Coast Elite, now considered the biggest shoe-sponsored basketball program (Under Armour) in the United States Of America. With all these achievements, Ryan also won the ‘Coach Of The Year 2011’ award by CIF as he also won the CIF championship at Sierra Canyon highSchool back in 2011.

    The program is famous for providing almost over $140,000,000 in scholarships. The best and leading program places nearly 27 former coaches working at various college and NBA levels. The same year he won the California State Coach of the Year award due to his continuous efforts for the sake of basketball.

    Ryan, The Hero In The Sports Legacy

    Ryan devotedly built the Elite 100 Camp into one of the leading camps in America, with almost 50 NBA former players supporting the next one. Ryan is also hardworking in making his West Coast Elite Basketball program one of the most influential and successful event operators.

    In 2019, Ryan Silver entered the California Boys State Hall Of Fame and served with his heart out for 24 years as a counselor. He has also been involved in the Los Angeles City Council and won an award for his dynamic and progressive coaching skills. In 2020, Ryan won the Presidential Service Award and proudly released his first-ever book on sports, “The 40-Year Plan,” which aims to guide families regarding the basics of basketball and its specific tricks and techniques.


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