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    What is the Difference Between a Cruiser Skateboard and a Longboard?

    Skateboards are fun and enjoyable. In addition to being able to do the tricks, you can also skateboard to work, to the train station, or just for riding to the store or to the park. There are two types of boards that can help you commute on a daily basis which is a longboard and a cruiser. 

    Many people will be confused when looking at these two types of boards because they are quite similar. This article will help you figure out the differences between them. If you want to buy a quality skateboard without ever having to travel from shop to shop, you can check out skateboard models reviewed on SkateAdvisors.

    When compared to normal skateboards, longboards are bigger than skateboards in any component; bigger decks, bigger trucks, and bigger wheels. As longboards are larger, they are more stable and comfortable to ride and balance. 

    Cruiser means mini longboards or mini cruisers. They are shorter boards. So, cruisers are a kind of longboard but they are shorter and smaller than a real longboard. 

    Lots of riders love cruising around with their board. Street skateboards are suitable for crowded and congested city streets and sidewalks because of their agility and convenience; street skateboards are light and compact enough to carry in your arms in places where you cannot slide. 

    However, for cruising around the city, these skateboards are not supported. The small hard wheels and stiff deck create vibrations and shocks that make it difficult to stand comfortably on it. And one more thing is that this board is quite slow, while you need to cruise faster.

    A mini-cruiser skateboard can eliminate all the disadvantages a street skateboard has. They are as agile as street skateboards, they are comfortable and stable like a full-size longboard thanks to their larger wheels and deck.

    A cruiser skateboard and a longboard are also different in the distance of transportation. Cruisers are more suitable for riding in short distances. They can move through the busy city streets, navigating around people and objects on the pavements. They are compact to carry around with you into a store, at a restaurant, at the office, on a bus, on a train, and even the compartment of a plane.  

    But when it comes to traveling long distances like on a country road, a longboard is the winner. You will enjoy the smooth-riding and the stability of the board. Longboards go faster and you can ride without having to push too much. They can pick up speed quickly thanks to their size and weight. 

    However, you can’t carry a full-size longboard everywhere like a cruiser does as it is bulky and heavy, so you can’t hide it under the table at the restaurant, or bring it on a plane with you. A longboard is also suitable for running down the hill as it can handle the speedwell. 

    The most obvious difference between a cruiser and a full-size longboard that we can see by naked eyes is the size of the deck. A cruiser deck length ranges from 28” to 32”, and the width is usually smaller than 8.5”. While longboard decks are 36”-42” in length and 8.5”-10” in width. This list of best cruiser boards will help you find out your favorite cruiser skateboard.

    Why does the deck length and wheelbase make a huge difference? It is because they can impact the board’s ability to turn. A cruiser deck makes it easier to turn and avoid cracks and obstacles on the street. Longer decks have much wider turning arcs which make it hard to turn and to avoid objects on the street. In other words, longer boards are less flexible in turn.

    When it comes to tricks, a stiffer deck of a cruiser can help to pop and kick. While the flex of a longboard can help with carving. 

    Alright, so I think after reading this article, you have an overview of the two types of skateboards. Now you know the difference between them and you can easily decide which one you should buy now. And the last words I would like to spend for SkateAdvisors, a skateboarding website I have been going for a long time. If you want to buy a skateboard or a cruiser, let’s take a look at this site.


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