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    What these 3 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 mean for your Business

    It’s high time to work smarter on your business if you’d like for it to grow.


    In 2021, it’s easier than ever for your business to grow with the help of digital marketing and video marketing, in particular.


    Digital marketing offers a way to get super close to your potential customers to persuade them into purchasing your product or engaging with the services your business has to offer.


    Let’s explore these 3 digital marketing trends in 2021 and what they mean for your business-





    User-Generated Content drives the majority of engagement on social media brand profiles. Once a business knows its consumer base the journey becomes smoother and UGCs are a great way to get to know your consumers based on their entries.


    Most of the content on the internet is user-generated be it in terms of photos, videos, or posts. What you can do as a small business owner is to tap on your consumer base to generate content to engage them with your brand. Here are few ways you can encourage User Generated Content for your business-



    You can host contests or giveaways where consumers send in their entries by sharing the answers in the form of a social media post to win. This builds hype amongst the consumers to compete and win while indirectly boosting your social media engagement. For more info visit Chime atm withdrawal limit



    Testimonials by consumers in the form of a review, comment, post, or video can help you build credibility. This will be visible to your audience and should prove to be fruitful for your business.



    If your product is youth-centric chances are that they’ve already posted pictures and videos of your product on their social media handles. Keep an eye out for posts under your business hashtag to engage and reshare any posts that can spike your audience’s interest.



    The trick is to let the consumer do the marketing for you. A creative consumer might find a new and fun way to create something that might work wonders for your brand. It also gives you a fresh perspective as to how your business is perceived by your consumers.


    Influencer Marketing


    Influencers have built a high amount of trust on social media platforms over a while and in 2021 there’s no denying that they’re going to play a major part in how businesses interact with the consumers. There’s nothing much to work upon here but here are few things to keep in mind to make sure you choose the correct influencer for your brand-


    Target Audience

    The target audience of your brand and the influencer should be the same.



    If you’ve just started, chances are that you might not be able to collaborate with big influencers. You can try micro-influencers that suit your budget and have a much stronger hold over local remote locations.


    Brand Tonality

    The influencer’s appeal should match your brand’s image so that they blend in as a part of the brand.

    Video Marketing


    If you think video marketing is only for big businesses you’re highly mistaken. If you’re running a business in 2021 you can take over your consumers with the help of video marketing regardless of the scale on which you run your business. If you’re reading this then most of the tools that you need are already available to you. How can you use video marketing to benefit your business in 2021?


    Behind The Scenes

    These videos usually take the consumers for an in-depth tour of how the business functions or the product is manufactured. It is a great way to highlight the company’s culture and to promote what your business stands for.


    Product Unboxing

    Unboxing videos are looked up because they give the consumers a sense of trust as to how the product will appear in-hands rather than the way it is marketed. As a brand, If you put up unboxing videos on your social media platforms you will surely come across as transparent.

    Live Event

    Using the live feature on social media platforms can work wonders for you as the consumers feel included in special events like product launches or a general meeting.


    Get Started with Creating Business Videos


    Now that you’re well equipped with digital marketing trends, get started on Cashcardgreen creating videos that will increase your brand awareness.


    You don’t need any fancy equipment…creating videos for your business with a basic smartphone that shoots in 1080p is absolutely fine.

    To make these videos look professional, you can edit your videos with a free online video editor that exports in a variety of formats and aspect ratios supported by social media platforms.










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