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    Which Type Of Cooking Firewood Is Most Commonly Used For Smoking?

    Smoking uses different types of wood. Hickory wood imparts the most flavor but can produce too much smoke and produce bitter meat. Red oak is a more versatile type of wood that won’t overpower the meat’s natural flavors. Red oak is also best for cooling the meat after it has been smoked. Here are other firewoods you can use for smoking:

    Maple Wood

    Maple wood is an ideal wood for smoking, grilling, and cooking. It has a mild, sweet flavor and a beautiful aroma. The different types of maple trees offer different flavors when smoked or cooked. Therefore, when picking the best woods for smoking, it is important to look for various characteristics.

    Maple wood produces a bright, clean flame and burns quickly. The wood also produces minimal sparks, making it safe for guests. Maple wood pairs well with many different types of meat. It also goes well with a variety of other foods. Although the wood is not as common as oak or cherry wood, it is an excellent choice for a smoking fire.

    Smoking wood should be seasoned for a year or so. Avoid using freshly cut green wood. For best results, use a combination of hardwoods like oak and maple.

    Oak Firewood

    Oak is one of the most common hardwoods used for smoking. Lighting isn’t easy but produces an intense smoke and distinct flavor. Red oak is a common choice for smoking. It produces an intense aroma and should be used in small amounts. It belongs to the same genus as hickory and pecan and is known for its dark outer bark.

    Apple wood gives off a sweet flavor and is a good choice for grilling or smoking poultry. Blackberry bush wood is another common choice for smoking and grilling and provides a sweet flavor that pairs well with poultry, fish, and beef. Lastly, beech wood adds a sweet flavor to the food and lasts longer before turning ash.

    Hickory Firewood

    Hickory is common cooking firewood that is primarily used for smoking. However, this wood also has other uses besides smoking. The hickory and white oak flavors are similar, so you can use either for smoking purposes.

    Hickory has a high heat output, a great smell, and a long burn. Hickory is also one of the cheapest woods for smoking and cooking because it produces stable temperatures and requires less wood than other kinds of wood.

    While hickory is the most common wood used for smoking, it also works well with most types of meat. If you’re looking for wood with milder smoke, you can try an apple. While the two types of wood do have different smoke characteristics, hickory is a good choice for smoking any red meat.

    Mesquite Wood

    Mesquite cooking firewood is a versatile wood with a distinctive smoke flavor and can be used outdoors and indoors. Mesquite is naturally occurring, and it is usually available in dry climates. The wood has a high smoke content and is difficult to split, so it is most commonly used for smoking. However, it is important to remember that you should never use too much wood. A handful of chunks, splits or chips is enough for an hour-long session.

    Mesquite firewood is easy to split, but the trees grow in irregular directions, and processing them can be difficult. Additionally, the yield of mesquite is low, so it can take several trees to produce a cord of firewood. Moreover, some mesquite species have thorns and require expert processing.


    Apple cooking firewood is popular for smokers because it produces excellent coals and is incredibly aromatic. It is often used to smoke various types of meat and is generally a more expensive option than other hardwoods. The apple tree is widely grown worldwide and originated in Central Asia thousands of years ago. It is a small tree with several branches low to the ground.

    When using applewood for smoking, it is important to remember that it is best to use it at low temperatures. Slow cooking allows the smoke to soak into the meat and helps keep it moist. This method is called “low and slow” smoking and is the most effective way to smoke meat.



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