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    Importance of Previous Year Paper for Class 5 Olympiad 

    The IMO, an international mathematical olympiad, was started in 1959. You can let a class 5 student give this exam so that it will improve their competitive and analytical skills. The exam is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), this will help the student to achieve academic excellence and will surely improve their problem-solving skills. You can get Class 5 Olympiad Papers With Answers easily from the internet, which will help you prepare in a better way. If you want to get further details regarding the topic make sure you read it to the very end. This article will discuss IMO, its introduction. The exam pattern is also discussed in the article along with the importance of solving the previous year’s question papers. The last thing that is emphasized on in the article is how to reduce exam anxiety if you have one. 

    What is IMO?

    Let us first look at what is IMO, for this the general introduction is already mentioned in the above paragraph. Regarding the pattern of the exam that comes is that it contains four sections, which include logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, achiever’s section, and a section that includes everyday mathematics. A better way to get a proper analysis of the paper before an exam is to solve at least 5 papers from previous years. Although the questions are not repeated the same, the pattern remains somewhat the same. The paper is of a total of 60 marks, in which the major section is of mathematical reasoning with 20 questions 1 mark each.  Every question is of one mark but the achiever’s sections contain the high order thinking skills, with 5 questions that are 3 marks each. 

    Why should you solve the previous year’s question?

    It is always suggested that one should go to an exam after solving the previous year question paper, some of the benefits that may be gained from this are as follows:

    • It will help you analyze the paper pattern so that you can strategize your study accordingly. 
    • With a lot of practice and going through the previous year’s paper, your speed of analyzing the questions and solving them will increase by many folds. 
    • Along with speed the reasoning section also requires creative thinking that can only be improved if you have solved many questions based on that pattern. Here your previous year papers will come into play. 
    • Numerical solving skills will gain you the most benefits during the exam, so you need to work on them and improve them to the maximum extent.
    • If you have solved many previous year papers then you will get an idea about the time that you are taking in solving the entire question paper in one go. This will help you have time duration under control during the final exam. 
    • This will also help you analyze your weak points so that you can work upon them in a better way.
    • You can also strategize your paper solving by prioritizing some sections and solving them first, later you can give the time to the sections that you are not good at. 

    The paper can be easily downloaded from the internet, or you can just search previous year’s question paper class 5 and you will get the result. Try to download the one which has the answer key and also that which is properly explained. This will help you to know the sections you are weak at. 

    What should we do during anxiety before the exam?

    It has been observed that nowadays academic excellence has a bad impact on both mental and physical health. As a small child of 5th class will have to be competitive for the IMO, and so along with the normal curricular activities and exams of the school they will have to focus on developing their skills so that they get good ranks in IMO. Some of the tips that are given below are proven helpful in resolving such issues: 

    • Exercising and being active can be very helpful in keeping the mind fresh when you feel exhausted due to study. 
    • Distribute your time equally between studying and enjoying your life. Go outside and play so that you can be energized and then come back with a much better-focused mind. 
    • Don’t leave things for the last moment, if you have to prepare for your school exams and IMO simultaneously then start studying from the beginning. This will reduce your load and you will be more confident on the final day. 
    • Start and grasp things at your own pace, don’t compare yourself. You can also take guidance from your teacher and ask them to point out your mistakes so that they are not repeated. 
    • Do regular practice so that you boost your confidence in the particular section and also improve your skills. 
    • IMO is an exam that gives you a chance to check yourself on both national as well as international level, so it means this exam needs quite a good practice.
    • You can also try giving a full mock test which can give you a platform to analyze your overall rank and where you stand before the final exam. 
    • You can also access various study modules and samples for a better understanding and a rank-oriented study. 


    This article should have given you a better insight about the topic along with reasons to solve previous year’s questions before the exams. Try to analyze your mistakes and weaknesses initially so that you can correct them to the maximum extent. IMO is an international level exam that has a good reputation. Try to do a focused study so that you can improve your analytical skills and problem-solving skills. The achiever’s section here will give you the problems that can be brain wrecking so you have to prepare for them from the very beginning. That section also has a large weightage. Hope after using the tips and the strategies given here you will be able to secure a good rank in IMO. 


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