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    In America, 4.20 lakh people leaving New York due to Corona

    America is currently the worst affected country in the world by Corona. There have been more than 15 lakh cases and more than 90 thousand deaths here. New York has suffered the most of these, where more than three and a half million patients and more than 28 thousand people died. Meanwhile, a shocking news has come that the wealthy living in New York City are leaving the city because of Corona.

    According to the report, between March 1 and May 1, about 4.20 lakh people have left the city, which is about 5% of the total population. A large part of these also belong to those who are financially prosperous and are counted among the rich of the city. The special thing is that 1% of the rich of the city earning Rs 16 crore annually have shifted to other places. Most of them have gone to some island or expensive place.

    ‘80% of the population has not left the city’

    At the same time, 80% of the population earning around 67 lakh rupees annually has not left the city. Dr. Kim Phillips-Fenn, Professor of History at New York University, says, “Every community is behaving differently. Most of the people who go from here are white. These places have expensive rent and poverty is low. It is a strong thing to say that all are together, but it is not so. 

    The analysis showed that the largest number of people left the Upper East Side, West Village, Soho and Brooklyn Heights. Nearly 40% of the population in these four areas considered prosperous has been reduced. Among them are people who were paying more than one and a half lakh rupees rent, most have a college degree and were earning up to 75 lakh rupees. Apart from these, students have also left the city.

    Most people shifted to places like South Florida, Connecticut

    In New York City, 1% of the rich have an annual income of 16 crores. They have shifted to expensive islands and cities. Her favorite destinations are Southern Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Martha Vineyard, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Hampton, Hudson Valley and Jersey Shore. The report called them the so-called ‘coronavirus refugees’.


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