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    Indian American Doctor To Mamata Banerjee Take Urgent Steps on COVID-19 Spread

    • Indian-based cardiologist Dr. Indranil Basu Ray of America wrote a letter to Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
    • He said that it is good that virus strain in India is not as deadly as it is in other countries.

    Washington: Dr. Indranil Basu Ray, an Indian cardiologist from the United States, has written a letter to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee regarding the corona virus. In this, Doctor Ray advised Mamta to be vigilant in the cases of growing corona infection in the state. He asked the Chief Minister to take necessary and precautionary measures to stop the epidemic in West Bengal.

    Doctor Indranil Basu Ray of Tennessee, US said that it is good for the whole of India, including West Bengal, that there is such a strain of virus spread here, which is not so infectious and fatal. He said that I am forced to tell this fact that if this virus spreads in Bengal, it will cause a lot of damage. Because the state has a large population. If it spread like a wildfire it would affect thousands and exterminate many people.

    ‘Take all steps that are necessary’

    Dr. Ray said in the letter, it is necessary to maintain social distancing. Also, it has to be prevented from spreading and deaths from it. As is happening in other countries. I pray you to take all measures to stop it. These include increasing testing, isolation and strict lockdown. Dr. Ray is a cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist. He has also been a professor of medicine and public health in several universities in the US and India.

    2,063 cases of infection in West Bengal, 190 deaths
    The number of corona infected in the country has reached 70 thousand 768. West Bengal is among the nine states in which the number of infections has crossed 2 thousand. 2,063 cases of corona have been reported in Bengal on Tuesday morning. Of these, 499 are healthy. At the same time, there have been 190 deaths.


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