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    IQOO recently dropped the prices of its existing brand of IQOO 3.

    The most trustable brand of VIVO, IQOO, recently announced to drop the prices of its existing brand of IQOO 3. On April 22, 2020, the company tweets on their twitter account about to deciding the new prices of IQOO 3 permanently, earlier to the next day, on April 23, 2020, they tweets again about to updated new prices of all of their three variants of IQOO 3.

    As the Indian Government increased the TAX on the mobile devices, but still IQOO decreased the prices of their existing product, that can be a heavy collision to other most popular brands as like Oneplus, perhaps, IQOO can compete with one plus 8 in India.
    IQOO is now considering a popular product in the market, and it achieved it in a short time; maybe IQOO wants to improve its product according to the covering audience in caparison to the other company’s brands, probably.

    When it comes to the updated prices of IQOO 3, IQOO 3 5G variant (8GB, 128GB) old price was Rs. 38,990, that decrease by Rs. 4000, which is now permanently fixed to Rs. 34,990.

    Its second 5G variant of IQOO 3 (8Gb, 256GB) old prices was Rs. 41,990, and it decreases by Rs. 4000, which is Rs 47,990.

    The last one of IQOO 3 (12GB, 256GB) 5G variant decrease by Rs. 2000 as its old prices were Rs. 46,990, and now it comes with Rs. 44,990.

    It simultaneously decreases its prices of their existing product in the situation of this pandemic named COVID-19. Because of lockdown, the deliveries can delay or can’t place a single order, perhaps, IQOO decrease the prices of their product before looking out the condition of the economy or maybe for the expectation of increasing the orders after the lockdown.


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