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    Top 3 Paid games you must try at least once

    The mobile entertainment industry is only increasing its pace every year. Literally, about five years ago, a significant product came out so rarely that 3-4 years talked about it. Yes, and we all know hits such as:

    • Clash of Clans
    • GTA: San Andreas
    • WoT Blitz
    • GTA: Vice city

    Gaming is now everywhere. Xbox, play station,pc, everyone is expecting portability on games. So the developer has now chosen the mobile as their next opportunity. Some of the best-ported games are given out on play store for a price. This price is because of its graphics and development.

    Top paid games for android:

    How are paid games on android and iOS fundamentally different from the public? There are three key factors:

    • Setting (a full-fledged story game or a cool GTA level port: San Andreas and Half-Life 2);
    • Lack of advertising in 90% of cases.
    • No additional payments and transactions.
    • For such advantages, people are ready to give hard-earned. Well, or the name of the developer is so famous that they want to thank him for a small contribution.

    Moreover, 2019-20 is surprisingly the year of old games.

    Life is Strange

    The game for the PS3, PS4, X360, and XOne consoles was released at the beginning of 2015 but reached mobile devices only by the end of 2018. It is not surprising: porting takes a lot of time and money. But the result was worth it: many were ready to re-buy the game to be “in the shoes” of Max Caulfield, who is able to manage time, thereby completely rewriting someone else’s life.

    The game is divided into 5 episodes with its own stories, characters, and features. The town of Arcadia Bay is teeming with skeletons in the closet, but because every new story associated with different NPCs will have unpredictable consequences for everyone else. The game comes with the right action, story, and graphics. If we were to give ratings, then it would be 8/10. We wanted to give 10/10, but the graphics were expected to be better.


    • Good controls
    • Availability on android
    • Good story


    •  Downgraded graphics for better performance on android

    This is the police

    The last game on the list is also a ported version of the PC masterpiece for those who like to brainwash. Actions here take place in the 80s, amid groupings, corruption, and the division of power. The main character, an honest policeman Boyd, is retired. He founded his police agency so as not to be bored.

    The gameplay is conducted on behalf of the protagonist, who reads newspapers every day and observes the incidents in the city: either the mafia, the robbery, or the murder. We have to collect evidence, investigate the matter, and look for those responsible. The mafia never sleeps, and therefore collecting evidence is hellishly tricky – they are regularly destroyed, and at the same time, they put sticks in the wheels. And God forbid to see the inside of the City Hall and Rogers in particular. This is not for those who expect high-quality gameplay ( in terms of the graphic )

    If we were to give ratings, then it would be 9.5/10.


    • Size of the game is small
    • Cartoon style gameplay
    • Great story
    • Same as original


    • Some don’t like cartoon graphics, so it is not for them.

    Football Manager 2020

    There is no good game as the ones available on pc and other platforms for football in android. Still, the best of those include football manager 2020. If for a moment, we imagine that all football fans are strategists, the country should now have an insane boom of gold teams with a dozen Messi and Neymarov in the leading team. After all, everyone knows and knows how to play, and there is only nobody who don’t know to play. For such gamers, a simulator is provided in which you can create a club, and recruit a team, and even fire fines and also strategize the game and club.

    Compared to last year’s version, the gameplay and concept have changed dramatically: they added new settings, adjustments, sliders, and functions. The interface resembles a mixture of the site of the bookmaker’s office and spreadsheets from Excel, but everything is informative. Everything can be changed: composition, names, characteristics, training intensity, team, recruits, tactics. Feel like a real trainer in a vacuum. If we were to give ratings, then it would be 9/10.


    • Great gameplay
    • Interest grows when you get to the game
    • Real-life tactics
    • Feasible size
    • On of the best graphics on the phone


    • Hard to understand at first
    • Not for the ones who don’t want to play strategically


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