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    The Vampire Diaries – Star Cast – What they’re up to now?

    The Vampire Diaries officially concluded in March 2017, so let’s see what everyone’s up to since then. For this list, we are only looking at actors from the Vampire Diaries and updating you on what they’ve been up to since the show concluded. Those who exclusively appeared in the original spinoff will be excluded.

    1. Nina Dobrev (Elena and Katherine)

    Let’s begin with the main attraction, Nina Dobrev. Nina got her acting start in the Canadian show Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-15), where she played Mia Jones for 52 episodes. She was already an established name before she played Elena and Katherine in The Vampire Diaries. But those roles helped launch her career into the stratosphere. Since the show ended, she appeared in a few notable movies including Triple X: The Return of Xander Cage (2017) and Flatliners (2017).

    1. Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore)

    Daemon’s younger brother Stefan Salvatore earned his big break with the Vampire Diaries and he eventually became more involved with the show by directing five episodes. He also continued to direct episodes of Shadowhunters, Legacies, and Rosewell, New Mexico. What can we say, he is a big shot now!

    1. Ian Somerhalder (Daemon Salvatore)

    Everyone’s favorite bad boy turned good guy Daemon Salvatore was no stranger to the TV when he was turned up for this gig. Most people recognize him as Boone Carlisle from Tv series Lost (2004) although his stint in that admittedly didn’t last very long. Ian really committed himself to the Vampire Diaries over the years. Ian recently starred in Netflix’s V Wars (2019).

    1. Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett)

    This actress has an impressive resume. She appeared in the movies The Parent Trap (1998) and 17 Again (2009) along with TV shows like Malcolm in the Middle (2000-06) and Hannah Montana (2006-11). It was her role in The Vampire Diaries that undoubtedly made her career. She released a music album in 2017 titled Love Music Funk Magic and the singles ‘Sometimes’ reached number 4 on the US Dance Chart. She was recently seen in Netflix’s The Holiday Calendar (2018).

    1. Candice King (Caroline Forbes)

    It seems as if Candice King has always had an artist’s heart. She was born to an environmental engineer mother and a cardiothoracic surgeon father but decided to forgo all that technical stuff to follow her own more creative passions. In 2006, she released an independent album before touring with Miley Cyrus as a backup singer. It was until after this brief foray into music that she got into acting and was cast as Caroline Forbes. She then reprised her role Caroline in the Vampire Diaries’ Originals and appeared in Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi comedy TV series – The Orville (2017).

    1. Michael Malarkey (Enzo)

     Michael Malarkey was a bit of a latecomer to the Vampire Diaries. He wasn’t seen until season 5 himself, but he was an immediate fan favorite and was quickly upgraded to a series regular for season six through eight. Malarkey went on to play Enzo for 59 episodes which made him feel like a part of the vampire family.

    Once the show ended, he transitioned over to crackle for his recurring role as Sam Foster in the Oath (2018).  He is currently starring in the History Channel’s Project Blue Book (2019) alongside Game of Thrones’ Aiden Gillen (Lord Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish). An x-files type show with Enzo and Littlefinger, sign us up!

    1. Steven R McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert)

    Unlike Michael Malarkey, Steven R McQueen was with the Vampire Diaries from the beginning. You obviously know him as Jeremy Gilbert, a member of the Brother of Five. McQueen appeared in the show’s first seasons before Jeremy moved to Santa Fe to hunt vampires. Once McQueen left the show, he joined the cast of NBC’s TV show Chicago Fire (2012)  where he played rookie firefighter Jimmy Borrelli for 25 episodes.

    He starred in 2018’s hallmark movie called Home by Spring. He later reprised as Jeremy for a special guest role in The Vampire Diaries’ Legacies, proving that there is no getting away from a vampire legacy.

    1. Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood)

    Michael Trevino started in the Vampire Diaries’ first six seasons as Tyler Lockwood. He subsequently had a recurring role in Vampire Diaries season 7 and officially killed by Daemon in Season 8. Currently, he was seen in CW’s Rosewell, New Mexico as Kyle Valenti, a doctor and the son of a Town Sheriff.

    Let us know who is your favourite characters from Vampire Diaries in the comment section, and we will promise to cover the same exclusively for you.


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