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    Joker 2 – Would There Be a Potential Sequel?

    Joker is now one of the top-grossing R-rated movies ever. Having raked in an impressive one-billion dollars at the worldwide box office, it seemed pretty inevitable that there would be a sequel in the works – Joker 2. Wouldn’t you know it that has officially been confirmed or has it?

    When The Queen band wrote the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody, ‘’Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy’’, they might have been talking about Todd Phillips’s Joker sequel and his apparent plan to bring a ton of DC-origin stories to the big screen.


    It all started with a great story that goes little something like this. Few movies of the late have hit theatres with as much of a bang as Joker, making 92 million dollars in its opening weekend. It solidifies this movie as the absolute smash hit and Todd Phillips as the director to be reckoned with.

    It was with the boost of confidence that Phillips stroll into the Warner Brothers’ studio where he proposed a massive idea. He wanted the rights to develop a whole slew of DC characters’ origin stories. DC has never given a single director a deal for more than one film or character before.

    So while Phillips’s didn’t get everything he wanted, he did walk away with the rights to at least one character along with the deal for a sequel to the Joker. It would see Phillips back in the director’s chair co-writing with Scott Silver.

    There is no doubt about it, there’s probably will be Joker 2 reason being the franchise is an undeniable smash hit and both Phillips and Joaquin Pheonix have expressed interest in exploring Arthur Fleck’s story further. It also makes financial sense for literally everyone involved and the fans wouldn’t be mad at it either.

    Joker is the fourth DC film to earn a cool billion at the box office after The Aquaman, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.

    But there’s a glitch! Joker was made for a budget of 60 million dollars which is relatively tiny compared to those other massive blockbusters that means it made way more profits than the three that came before and is now considered the most profitable comic book movie of all time.

    Phillips alone is reported to have made around a 100 million dollar for directing Joker as he traded his initial director salary for larger cuts of the overall profits. It’s already more money than any person can spend in 10 lifetimes.

    It could have been a risky move but it clearly paid off in spades which Phillips might have predicted as it’s the same deal he made for The Hangover.

    If you remember, The Hangover was made for a measly 35 million dollar and went on to make almost 500 million.

    The possibility for doing that all over again would be enough reason for Phillip to dive back into the Authur’s world once again.

    Yet, nothing has been confirmed so far. In fact, the deadline states that the rumor of the sequel being already in the works is flatly false, meaning that there have been no moves made by Phillips towards a Joker sequel at this time.  Yet, there’s no harm in little speculation over something as exciting as Joker 2.

    What would Joker 2 even be about?

    Let’s be Arthur and Penny for a moment and use our imaginations over what would its sequel even be about.

    We know Phillips toyed with the idea of the whole mythology of Bruce Wayne and the Joker in the first movie with the possibility of Thomas Wayne being Joker’s biological father.

    That opened a fascinating alternative timeline in which Bruce Wayne and Arthur Fleck are actually half brothers which would be a crazy thing to see brought to life on the screen.

    But, don’t get too excited about that idea.

    The thing is we also know that we can’t trust just about anything that happened in the movie itself because both Arthur and Penny are totally both unreliable narrators.

    We were led to believe that penny’s story about Thomas Wayne wasn’t true but a mysterious signature on a photo of a young penny has his questioning everything we thought we knew.

    When asked about what kind of sequel he would do, Todd Phillips said that it couldn’t just be a wild and crazy movie but would have to have some thematic resonance, the way Joker does.

    He didn’t specify just what the theme of Joker 2 would be, but he strongly believes that the underlying turmoil of the Joker is the number one reason why the movie connected so intensely with the audiences.

    So, it’s possible that Phillips is simply waiting until he discovers a theme or a subject that he is really passionate about exploring to make his Joker movie.

    So, all we have right now is wild speculation. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that there is still Joker 2 in the works, even if it is far off.


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