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    Everything you need to know about Kickass Proxy list, Kickass unblock, and Kickass Search Engine

    Before you know about Kickass Proxy sites, it is crucial to understand the concept behind the Kickass search engine. Call it a search engine for movies, music, TV contents, and all sort of entertainment-related content. The search engines procure magnet links and torrent files that facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing through the protocol of BitTorrent and thus are able to download all the video related files and also check SQM Club.. 

    The Kickass Search Engine came into the picture in the year 2008 and was seen as the most popular platform to download all the audio and video-related content. However, the U.S seized the domain in the year 2016 and its staff shut down the server. Till today, It is not illegal to download files from Kickass unblock platforms but the policies do not adhere to the copyright issue.

    The Kickass proxy list is known as the site which can provide access to a large number of movies and TV series in over 100 plus language.  There are many countries that do not allow the Kickass search engine to flourish, thus block all these sites, but there are users that still access them with the help of the Kickass proxy. Proxies play a role that does not disclose the user’s location and hide IP address, so any user can use without much a fuss. After so much regulation and restrictions from major countries across the globe, it is still safe to access Kickass unblock platform, Kickass search engine, and all other Kickass proxy lists and sites that help users download movies in the high quality. 

    Why are the Kickass Torrent Sites banned?

    The main reason behind the blocking of the torrent site is the copyright issue of contents that users access from Kickass search engines. Geolocation blocking is initiated on the sites likes Kickass that provokes the use of proxy IP sites.  It is the copyright laws that enforce ISP laws and copyright provisions that may differ from one country to another. The blocking of ISP is because Kickass unblock platforms use the bandwidth of the other users which is the ingredient for downloading the content any user requires. The most frustrating thing that any user experience is it becomes inaccessible or the website IP blocks the site. 

    However, there are plenty of ways where a user can download the desired torrent file. It could be using a VPN that may able to access the Kickass proxy list. VPN is the driving force behind changing the location of your IP address which is blocked in the user’s country. With the help of the Kickass search engine using a VPN, it will camouflage the location which gives the required person to access the torrent file. Unblock Kickass VPN is one of the dark-web software that plays a role in helping the user for surfing through these websites. The main role of Unblock Kickass VPN is to work on the nodes of the internet and redirect internet traffic between the nodes. Unblock Kickass VPN does this redirecting in order to hide the identity of the user along with their location. Unblock Kickass VPN also plays a role in preventing spying and analyzing the traffic.

    However, the easiest and simple way to get your favorite torrent files is also by accessing the Kickass proxy list or access any of the mirror sites. The most important task of these sites is to provide you with the replication of the content platform that helps users direct access to the files they want to download. 

    How Does a Kickass Proxy Site operate?


    Anyone can enjoy access to the kickass proxy site without doing any signup or registration formalities. The engine being a better one, it empowers the user by accessing all sorts of movie and video content. 

    With the banning of torrent websites, the Kickass search engine also came up with new domains to boost accessibility every time. In addition, there are plenty of Kickass proxy list sites that help users download just anything and everything from these torrent sites. 

    The major task of the Kickass unblock platform is to act as an intermediary between all sorts of network your site is having along with the torrent sites. The Kickass proxy list site basically allows the user to access its platform in an indirect and illegal manner. The user interface works as if you are establishing a connection with the proxy and the website.

    It is very important to keep in mind that it does not bar any Kickass search engine, the purpose of visiting the other sites is they are granting the same IP address licenses that will directly take the user to the Kickass search engines. For downloading torrent files all you have to do is access the Kickass proxy list. This use of the Kickass search engine will help users in offering a large number of magnet links from the mirror sites that help them download their favorite content without much a fuss.

    Kickass Proxy List SSL Speed Status
    https://kat.sx/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://kickasstorrents.to/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://kickass.ws/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://katcr.co/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://kickass.cm/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://katcr.to/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://thekat.app/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://thekat.info/ Yes Very Fast Active
    https://kickasstorrent.cr/ Yes Fast Active
    https://kickass.cd/ Yes Fast Active
    https://kat.am/ Yes Fast Active
    https://kickasstorrents.cr/ Yes Fast Active
    http://kickass.sx/ Yes Fast Active
    https://kickass.unblockit.pw/ Yes Fast Active
    https://kickass.unblockit.pw/full/ Yes Average Active

    These were few Kickass proxy lists that act as a catalyst for all the torrent users to download their favorite media, software, or other things. There are few internet services that act as a watchdog thus monitor all the user’s activity when they access the Kickass unblock platform or Kickass search engine. 

    It is the Torrent hackers who top the charts when operating through mirror sites likes Kickass unblock platform and many others. So it is essential that any user must have a VPN installed on their devices that enable them to maintain secrecy and that will not trace their IP address. No one can monitor when you are using the Kickass proxy list sites. Some kickass proxy 2020 sites are mentioned below that help you access without any trouble :

    Top 5 Alternatives of Kickass Torrent

    The top 5 alternatives of kickass search engine that helps user’s download their favorite movie, TV series, audio, software, e-books, and other media-related content :

    RARBG: It Is an alternative torrent mirror site which is helpful in producing magnet links and torrent files for peer to peer (P2P) file-sharing by using the Bit Torrent protocol.  One could access this site to indirectly access the Kickass search engine. This site is accessible in 16 other countries, thus can be a good Kickass torrent proxy.

    1337x: It is the only Kickass proxy list site that can be accessed from any country to date. It provides all sorts of torrent files and magnet links. The working of its own search function is much akin to the Kickass search engine, thus searches the exact torrent files for the user. 

    Lime torrent: It is the fourth largest site in terms of ranking among the Kickass proxy list. It got over 10 million active torrents flies and is the prime alternative to the Kickass search engine. 

    It comprises a plethora of media files and is very user friendly.

    The Pirate Bay: It is the prime alternative to the Kickass search engine which got all sorts of tech-related software and movies in almost 48 languages. With the help of this site, one can easily download as well as contribute torrent files and magnet links. 

    YTS: The creators of Yify torrents and Kickass search engines are the same. This platform allows users to download movies in HD. After the shutting down of the Kickass unblock platform and other torrent sites, it is YTS which is still operating without using the VPN tools and is generating huge traffic. 

    Kickass Unblock – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How do I download a movie from the Kickass search engine?

    Follow these steps to download a movie from Kickass Torrent:

    • Visit the new domain of the Kickass unblock torrent site i.e (KATcr.co/new).
    • Click on the search bar and type in the movie you are looking for in the search field. 
    • You would be redirected to a page that will get you some of the best resources that you were searching for. Click on the desired torrent name to get all the required details such as title, file description, file size, screenshots, and much more.
    • Below the title, you will see a magnet icon which is the magnet link for the desired torrent file which allows you to download movies for free.
    • You need to download the torrent client application such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitComet, etc.
    • Once you have installed the torrent client click on the magnet link accessed from the Kickass unblock platform. 
    • Once done, select the output directory to start the downloading process.

    Is Kickass unblock safe to download?

    Kickass torrent is one of the popular torrent platforms that offers a library of video and audio related contents. It supplies magnet links for peer to peer files to help connect with BitTorrent protocols. 

    If it doesn’t work there are all other sources that help complete the downloading process from Kickass proxy list sites. In case, if a user’s desktop or laptop shuts down or disconnects from the internet, then no need to worry as it will resume seeding of the file from where it has left. The user doesn’t have to restart the downloading process as the Kickass search engine is easy to navigate, search, and download.

    How popular is the Kickass search engine?

    The kickass search engine would help download all the media related content you required. Here are a few highlights that make the Kickass unblock platform and other Kickass proxy list sites popular :

    • Sorted and categorized content that is easy to navigate.
    • Kickass proxy lists site has an interactive user-interface and a straightforward design which allows users to search, navigate, and download easily.
    • Fewer or no ads compared to other torrent sites 
    • All the contents are newly updated 
    • The kickass search engine can be accessed in  45 other languages that make it easier for the users to download any media and software-related content

    How to unblock the Kickass search engine without registering or signing up?

    There are some steps that you need to follow to download from Kickass torrent without any signup formalities :

    • One needs to download the Bit torrent client application before downloading accessing anything from the Kickass search engine
    • Log on to https://kickasstorrents.to
    • On the home page of the site, search for any specific audio or video content that you need to download.

    When you select any content like a movie you would be redirected to a page that asks you to click on the ‘download torrent” button. Here you need to click on the option without entering any signup credentials. 

    • Launch the Bit Torrent application which will sync the peer to peer file to download.
    • Visit the Kickass proxy list website or Kickass unblock platform and click on the ‘Magnet’ icon. 
    • Click to select the ‘open Magnet URL’ in the popup box. It will automatically start to download the content that you require to stream on your device


    Kickass unblock, Kickass search engine, and all other Kickass proxy list sites are very securely encrypted and safe to use from anywhere. There are countries like the UK, USA, and Canada that bars the usage of the Kickass search engine but with the help of VPN, one can still access it smoothly and efficiently. The legacy of kickass is that it is still operating without any restrictions and regulations from any country. Thanks to its new age, encrypted technology allows the user to access any movies or video content without the fear of any violating any copyright laws and guidelines. 


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