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    Know what precautions should be taken during solar eclipse and why it should not be seen with naked eyes

    Delhi: From the point of view of physics, when the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, the sun’s light gets covered and does not come to the Earth. This celestial event is called a solar eclipse. It falls on the new moon day. There are three types of a solar eclipse. In these, the annular solar eclipse should not be seen with naked (naked) eyes.

    The harmful ultraviolet rays emanating from it can damage the eyes. Especially children should be protected from this because every year children and old people are getting affected due to seeing the solar eclipse with the naked eye.

    Why should not the eclipse be seen with the naked eye

    Regarding this, experts say that whenever an eclipse occurs, the natural effect of the sun or moon is lost at that time. During this time it gets exploited, or during this time the influence of negative forces such as Rahu and Ketu increases.

    At this time, harmful ultraviolet rays are released from the sun, which is a risk of blindness when viewed directly, because ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun can affect the retina of the eyes.

    Special precautions should be taken by pregnant women

    Pregnant women should take special precautions during a solar eclipse. The contaminated rays emanating from the eclipse have a bad effect on the baby growing in the womb.

    • Pregnant women should not see solar eclipse.
    • No knife or knife should be used at the time of acquisition.
    • Pregnant women should not break flowers, fruits and wood.
    • Do not recite pooja at the time of the eclipse.
    • Pregnant women should not take food even at the time of eclipse.
    • Stay indoors during rest and relax.
    • Pregnant women should avoid using sharp things.

    How to see solar eclipse

    For this, solar filters should be used, which are available in the market. Before using it, be sure to follow the instructions on it. Do not use if the filters screen is bad.


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