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    Knowing Your Body Type: A Guide

    Every human being is different from another and possesses unique personality traits. We all are unique in terms of our abilities, personalities, and looks. And the way we are is determined by our genetic makeup. Somatypes is an intriguing and thought-provoking area of genetics.

    When we talk about bodybuilding and the results we hope to achieve from its calls for thorough learning of the subject. Merely having goals to build a body, taking the right diet, and knowing the names of the best muscle steroids is not enough.

    Today, we are going to learn about body types concerning bodybuilding.


    Somatype is a term used for body type. The majority of the people happen to have a general inclination towards a particular somatype. And along with that, some supportive traits from a second kind. How it came to be? Well, the scientists introduced the theory of body types in the 1940s. they described three basic human body types:

    Basic Body Types

    • The Endomorph – an excess of body fat
    • The Mesomorphy – having well-developed musculature
    • The Ectomorph – that is eminent by lack of either much fat or muscle tissue

    The scientists also revealed that most of the people happened to be a mixture of these. These three categories of body types are used to predict how some people are going to turn out and react to particular macronutrients. This lets health professionals design proper diets and exercise regimens.

    These three somatypes are rather popular in sports. They are looked at mostly in sports for different types of athletes. Especially, bodybuilding and applied health fields as well that involve nutrition and weight management. An athlete cannot change their body type. However, they can use nutrition to the best of their advantage and play sports that fit them best.

    Having established somatypes, let’s briefly take a look at each of them.

    The Ectomorphs

    A naturally thin person happens to be a classic example of an ectomorph. They have a low body fat percentage usually, a high metabolism, and a small bone size. Also, they have a small amount of muscle mass and muscle size. All of these factors complement each other leading to a thin and wiry person.

    Moreover, the bones are light in weight as well. The joints are smaller than normal and the muscles are underdeveloped as well. The shoulder usually droops down and the limbs are relatively long. Since they appear to be straight up and down, a person with an ectomorph physique has a linear physique. Due to this reason, they might appear longer than they really are due to the limb length and lack of muscle mass.

    Ectomorphs do not have natural athletic power. And every ounce of muscle they aim to gain would need extra effort. You would commonly see them in endurance sports, cycling, and cross country running. They have a high metabolism that calls for them to consume large amounts of food that are rich in carbs.

    The Mesomorphs

    The second somatype is mesomorph. This body type has well-defined muscles and large bones. The torso appears to be a thin and relatively low waist. The muscles of the head and skull and bones are prominent. Cheekbones are well defined and the jaw is square and heavy. The face tends to be long and broad which is normally rectangular in shape. As for the arms and legs, they are muscled. Their skin and hair are thick in texture.

    This body type makes excellent all-around athletes, particularly bodybuilders. Good genetics is a common title denoted to them. And no matter what body type a person has, they should strive to look like a mesomorph. They are muscular and ripped, merging the best attributes of both ectomorph and endomorphs.  These people can hold on to the muscles they build while cutting off any undesirable body fat. Mesomorph’s diet is high in calories as long as have a physically active routine. They don’t have to consume carbs in high amounts as their metabolism is slow. Suffice it to say, they are an interesting mix of average metabolism paired with a rugged physique that is ideal for bodybuilders, football players, and other physical sports.

    The Endomorphs

    At the end of the spectrum, we have an endomorph. Their body is soft and round. Also, their appearance makes it look like their mass has accumulated in their abdominal area. An extreme endomorph has short arms and legs that make them look husky. Also, their hands and feet are comparatively small too. The upper arms and thighs tend to be more developed than the lower part of the arms and legs. They have a high waist. These people are usually non-athletes and have a high percentage of their weight as body fat.

    Endomorphs have to watch what they eat because even though they gain muscles rather easily, getting rid of unwanted body fat is quite a task for them. It is problematic because endomorphic people take longer to shed fat and that takes along with it a considerable amount of muscle as well. Since these body types want to have a leaner and more defined look, they should try to cut their fat to a minimum.

    They are advised to eat lean protein and avoid sweets and junk foods. Also, they should eat frequent small meals all day long to keep their metabolism in action as that way, there is a reduced risk of storing body fat. They have a slow metabolism.

    With the help of these body types, health professionals can determine the right type of diets and exercise routines for the clients. No matter what genetics one may have, these differences are being observed and used in finding ways to help people get the body they want. Therefore, one must understand their body type first to follow any health regimen, be it exercise or diet.

    It is only through proper knowledge and learning that you can get the body of your dreams. Knowing your body type can help you know the kind of exercises you should be doing or supplements you ought to take for the best results. For getting that extra boost in your workouts and muscle gain, look no further than Buy Steroids Online, one of the leading online suppliers of steroids. They are a reliable platform that provides a wide range of oral and injectable anabolic steroids for sale along with fat burners, testosterone boosters, and weight loss supplements. The company uses ingredients of the highest quality to manufacture these products so that you can achieve 100% results. The company ships throughout the US at affordable rates. You can also check customer reviews to know more.


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