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    Lockdown Cooking: How To Make Mutton Shami Kebab (Recipe Inside)


    Soft, succulent and scrumptious, shami kebabs are simply irresistible.


    • The smoky, char-grille flavour of kebabs are simply irresistible
    • Shami kebabs are one of the most popular snacks
    • Here is an easy shami kebab recipe you can try at home

    Ask any north Indian if they love to dig into soft, succulent and flavourful kebabs and you would never hear them say no. Just imagine a plate full of kebabs made with a fine mince of veggies, chicken or mutton, tossed in a myriad of spices and cooked to perfect soft and melt-in-mouth texture! Be it a dinner party at home, a grand celebration or at any restaurant, kebabs seem to have a fan base all across! And if you are a meat lover, the options just do not seem to end! From seekh kebabs and boti kebabs to galouti kebab, there are options galore!

    One kebab that boasts of a dedicated fan base across the globe and the one we can never get tired of is the delightful, shami kebab! Believed to have been originated during the Mughal era in the royal kitchens, shami kebabs have a melt-in-mouth, super soft texture due to very finely minced meat. It is a quintessential snack on restaurant menus and most loved at parties.


    But amid the lockdown when we cannot go out to restaurants or to a party, we’ve got your favourite kebab recipe so you can relish the same flavours with the help of your own kitchen pantry! Yes, you can make those scrumptious shami kebabs at home with a simple recipe! In this mutton shami kebab recipe, soaked chana dal is mixed with minced mutton and pressure cooked with spices such as cinnamon stick, mace, cloves, bay leaf, green cardamoms, black peppercorns and cardamoms. The mixture is then grounded to a fine dough and refrigerated to set. Combined with onion, green chilli and lemon juice, flat tikkis are made out of the dough and pan-fried to perfect crisp kebabs. Serve them with a chutney of your choice along with onion rings.

    Find the recipe of mutton shami kebab here.

    Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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