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    Maharashtra: In the last 6 days, 100 deaths occurred every 2 days, 32% of the country’s patients are from Maharashtra only; 850 patients still in critical condition

    • 24% i.e. 5538 are patients who have recovered and gone home
    • 17% are infected patients with symptoms of corona
    • Out of 1019 dead, 383 i.e. 38% are female and 636 i.e. 62% are male

    Corona has taken serious form in the state. More than 100 people have died here in the last two days and this figure has risen to 1019. At the same time, 27,524 new corona infected patients have been reported in the entire state. The state currently has a mortality rate of 3.70%. At the same time, the rate in the country is 3.23%.

    100 people died every two days in last 6 days

    It took 33 days for the death toll to reach 100 after the first case was reported on March 9 in the state. However, it took about a month to reach one thousand. 55 percent of these deaths occurred within 14 days of May. It took just 2-2 days to reach the number of dead 800, 900 and now one thousand. In the case of death from Corona in the country, Gujarat comes after Maharashtra, where 566 people have died so far.

    The first case of infection in Maharashtra came on 9 March. The first death occurred on 17 March. By March 31, 10 people had died in the state due to the infection, while 302 cases were reported. After this the infection spread so fast that in the first week of April, Maharashtra became the state with the highest number of deaths and infections in the country. 32% of the country’s cases are here. 38% of the deaths have also occurred in this state. A new trend of deaths was seen in May. Now more than 50 people are being killed here everyday.

    850 people in Corona state are in critical condition

    In an analysis of 23314 patients, it was found that 51% of the people who got corona infection did not show symptoms. That is, the symptoms of corona infection like cough, cold or fever are not there. But, the report is confirming the virus. At the same time, there are 17% in which symptoms of corona are seen. 4% i.e. 850 such patients are in critical condition. 24% i.e. 5538 are patients who have recovered and gone home.

    636 men and 38% women were among the dead.

    In the analysis of 25895 cases it has also been revealed that 9944 i.e. 38% women and 15951 i.e. 62% percent of men are corona infected. At the same time, 383 i.e. 38% of the 1019 dead are women and 62% are men. Their number is 636.

    Only 12.4% patients were found corona positive in the state

    So far, 2 lakh 50 thousand people have been tested in the state. Out of which 1 lakh 40 thousand tests have been done in government lab and 1 lakh 10 thousand tests have been done in private lab. Of these, 87.54% patients were found to be negative and 12.46% positive.

    More than a thousand infected in the state for 9 consecutive days

    More than a thousand patients have been exposed for the ninth consecutive day in Maharashtra. On Thursday, 1602 new cases were reported in the state. In May, 16 thousand 883 new cases were reported, which is 61.3 percent of the total cases in the state so far.

    Apart from Mumbai, it is also hot spots of Corona
    On Thursday, there were 991 new case reports of Corona in the capital Mumbai, which is the highest number of cases in a single day. Now there are 16 thousand 738 cases in Mumbai. With 25 deaths, now the death toll has reached 621 here. Along with this, Pune (3314 cases, 175 deaths), Thane (3287 cases, 36 deaths), Aurangabad (716 cases, 19 deaths), Solapur (344 cases, 21 deaths), Nashik (807 cases, 34 deaths), Nagpur ( 317 cases, 2 deaths) are also vulnerable to corona virus.

    Maximum infection among 21 to 30 year olds

    People with corona infection have the highest number of young people. This has been confirmed in 5262 aged 21 to 30, 5167 youth in 31 to 40 age group. Experts believe that this class is staying out of the houses despite the lockdown. This is 42.8 percent of the total cases reported so far. At the same time 1726 cases of 11 to 20 years have been reported.


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