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    Marijuana Strains: Here is everything you need to know

    The use of marijuana is increasing among adults of all ages and walks of life. One of the main reason for this is the legalization of cannabis use for medicinal and recreational purposes. On the other hand, the law makes buying weed products easier for people who want to use. Also, industry regulation is making more individuals venture into the industry since it is a profitable business. Local authorities generate revenue through the legislation they enact.

    Although cannabis use can either be medicinal or recreational, the components’ effects will depend on the plant’s strain. A regular user can tell you that marijuana plants differ.Read on to gain insights on marijuana plant strains and find out what can suit you.

    What is Marijuana Strain?

    The marijuana plant exists in male and female categories and flowers throughout the year. A male plant is responsible for pollinating the female plant. However, there are those plants that have both reproductive organs. The male plant bears seeds, and a female plant will possess them after pollination. On the other hand, there are feminized seeds that grow huge buds without bearing seeds. They are the kinds that people like to ingest by smoking, vaping, and in manufacturing industries to produce oil.

    Cultivation is changing the end products, and i49 has a variety of breeds to try out. When planning to grow the plant by yourself, they can give you aseed according to how you want the user to feel, taste, and appearance. Most of the variations to find in the collection are hybrids from female and male cross-breeds. Although there are thousands of strains, marijuana is mainly categorized according to its structure and shape. The categories are; Indica, Sativa, and hybrid.

    Indica; the leaves are large, green, and appear in dark shade. They are short plants.

    Sativa; the leaves are green but pale. Also, the plants are thin and tall.


    In the modern world, there are many species and varieties of marijuana plant. This is because of cross-breeding of plant species throughout time. The concentrate of the various compounds like cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will differ in the different strains available in the market.

    Historically, Asia is the known origin of the cannabis plant, and it spread to every continent. During the times, the cultivators would select the plant according to their community needs. However, as the plant cultivation spread across the globe, they were not similar. The conditions in which cannabis grow is what influences the different strains available in the industry.

    Marijuana shops will normally categorize their products. If the user feels like relaxing, a dispensary attendant will recommend the indica. When the consumer wants to feel energetic, the Sativa will work for him/her. However, combining the two species is what leads to the hybrid plant. It combines both species to have both body and mental effects.

    Studies show that Indica, Sativa and hybrids still differ in their composition, and it is why we have thousands of strains out there. The sellers of marijuana seeds go beyond the three major categories to develop other breeds to suits a user’s needs. They consider the effect the strain will have on the consumer to develop the seed’s identity.

    Plant Species Vs Strain Name

    As explained earlier, growers of cannabis plant use one plant’s characteristics and reproduce it in another through cross-breeding. It is common for dispensaries to seek new strains according to their clients’ needs. Although there are guidelines in how the ventures can name the strains, they go further and give them the names they like. It means that a person cannot tell the composition of the marijuana plant by merely looking at it.

    In the past, people would classify marijuana according to their physical attributes. However, now you have to take the plant through chemical and biological processes to understand its true nature. Things like the leaf appearance, branches and height are just a myth when classifying the plant.

    Each strain has varied effects on a user. On the contrary, ventures will choose the strain name according to the marketing strategy. The blue dream, for example, is known to have an awesome flavour and give the user a cerebral high. However, the effect may not be similar for all users as others may find themselves locked in the couch. It means that a user can best find a strain by choosing trying it out first. Here are some popular species and their strain names;

    • Pure Cannabis indica; purple Kush, green Kush, Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush.
    • Cannabis indica hybrid; Golden Jamaican Kush, and Blueberry Kush.
    • Pure Indica and its hybrid; Kush.
    • Pure Sativa and its hybrid; Diesel Haze.

    Budtenders in dispensaries can offer valuable information, especially if you are buying for the first time. A person with experience with the marijuana plant can help you find what is best for you. Let us look at what you need to know when choosing a marijuana strain.

    Finding the Best Strain

    To find the best strain, it is advisable to look at the effect you are looking to get. Even in medical marijuana, one strain is ideal for a specific condition but may not necessarily help other problems. There is valuable information over the internet about the different strains to understand more about a product. However, we recommend talking to the person working at a dispensary to get adequate information on what they are selling.

    Since the effect on individuals differs, there may exist side effects to any person consuming. It is vital to learn about the positives and negatives of a marijuana strain. Also, you need to consult your doctor in case you are on any medications. They will advise you on whether it is harmful to use cannabis during the treatment process or not.


    Each different profile of the cannabis strain has its effect on a person. Whether you are using for medicinal or recreational purpose, it is critical to try out the different strains to know what is suitable for your needs. You can also make a choice depending on your taste and preferences.


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