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    Mouthwash may eliminate virus, team of experts claim; Said- its chemicals can distinguish the shell of the virus

    • According to the researchers, the mouthwash will prevent the virus from reaching the throat by eliminating it in the mouth.
    • Mouthwash chemicals may be able to dissolve the upper shell of glycoprotein in the coronavirus

    Mouthwash can eliminate coronaviruses and protect Covid-19. This claim has been made by a team of international virus experts. Researchers say that mouthwash can kill the coronavirus before it infects the cell.

    In fact, there is a fat shell around the coronavirus that the chemicals present in the mouthwash can melt. In this way, it can be prevented from reaching the throat by finishing it in the mouth itself.

    Mouth cleaning is very important

    According to researcher O-Donnelly, the advice to gargle with the mouthwash has not been advised by health officials so far. But it is the gateway to external things in the body and a part that needs cleaning. It is very important to keep the hygiene of the entire mouth right during the time of corona. It is also good for teeth and digestion.

    Chemicals to prevent infection in it

    Researchers say the mouthwash contains chemicals such as chlorhexidine gluconate, hydrogen peroxide, and povidone-iodine. All of these have the ability to prevent infection. The upper surface of the corona consists of glycoproteins, which dominate the immune system and infect cells in the body.

    Smelting the upper surface made of glycoprotein

    According to the researchers, the chemicals in the mouthwash try to thaw the upper surface made of glycoproteins in the coronavirus. Once its outer surface begins to thaw, the virus is unable to infect the cells.

    Virus experts of many major universities involved in research

    The team of researchers includes virus experts from Cambridge Babraham Institute along with Cardiff, Nottingham, Colorado, Ottawa, University of Barcelona. Research does not claim that all mouthwashes available in the market will eliminate coronaviruses, but the chemicals present in it are helpful in protecting against corona. Experts have not yet given such mouthwash brands.

    The World Health Organization is not yet ready

    The World Health Organization WHO says that there is no evidence to eliminate coronavirus from mouthwash. However, there are some brands of mouthwash that eliminate many types of microorganisms present in saliva within a few seconds. However, experts also say that due to this good enzymes and microorganisms present in saliva can also be destroyed.


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