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    Natural Sleep Solutions For Babies & Toddlers

    When it comes to helping your child sleep, you may be searching for all the help you can get. Babies and toddlers may often have a hard time falling or staying asleep, leading parents to search for natural remedies. If you’ve been researching when to start sleep training and looked into reasons to choose organic for your baby recently, you may already be on the hunt for the best natural sleep solutions to help your child nod off to dreamland easier. If this is an issue your child has been struggling with, give these top sleep remedies a try tonight.

    Ask Your Doctor Whether Natural Supplements Would Be Helpful

    In some cases, adding in natural supplements such as Wellements organic nighttime baby cough syrup to your baby’s or toddler’s nighttime routine could make a world of difference. If you suspect this might be helpful for your child, talk to his or her pediatrician. You could add in supplements such as magnesium, chamomile or melatonin, or you could simply stick to a little soothing pre-bedtime aromatherapy. Some relaxing scents to consider using include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and poppy.

    Help Get Your Little One Into a Regular Bedtime Routine

    As your child grows into his or her toddler years, establishing a regular sleep schedule and bedtime routine is of paramount importance. The best way you can help your child settle into a better sleep routine is by helping him or her see bedtime as a relaxing and even fun time of the day. You can help wind your child down for bed by getting into a bedtime ritual that you practice with him or her every night. For instance, you might choose to:

    • Read bedtime stories
    • Take a long, hot bath
    • Drink tea or warm milk with or without honey
    • Turn off electronics and other screens
    • Play soothing, slow music
    • Have a small snack

    Try Getting Your Child To Use Up More Energy During the Day

    Finally, you may have noticed that when your toddler stays sedentary all day, it may be tougher to get him or her to sleep at night. Using up more energy during the daytime can prime your child for a better night’s sleep. You could try:

    • Encouraging outdoor physical activity
    • Doing light exercise, such as jumping rope, with your toddler
    • Instituting a regular wake-up time to help your little one feel more tired by bedtime

    Although it may take a little time to sleep-train your baby or toddler, getting your child onto a healthy sleep routine can be enormously beneficial for his or her long-term health and well-being. If you’ve been searching for the easiest or most convenient natural sleep solutions to help you get your little one to sleep quickly and easily, make sure to add these three strategies to your list of ideas. You can discuss the possibility of natural supplements with your doctor, start easing your child into a nightly bedtime routine and encourage more energetic activities during the daytime to minimize the amount of time both you and your child spend counting sheep.


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