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    Things You Don’t Know About In-Flight Meals

    Go back in time and when the complimentary food on airlines used to be free. Now, it has become topical across the globe as many airlines have started to operate globally. So whether you love them or hate them, one thing that you can’t ignore is, inflight meals give you an experience of their own. As our taste buds are becoming more customized and choosy with time, this generation is obsessed with sharing everything on social media platforms. This has created pressure for the airline industries to uplift the quality of their meals. So if you want to know about the inflight dining experience, you’ve landed on the right spot. Read on to know some interesting facts about the inflight meals and how they have been transformed down the years:

    It has Been 100 Years Since The Snacks were Served

    Do your taste buds crave snacks as soon as you set off on a journey? For your information, the first snacks were served to the passengers in 1919 on the Handley page when they were en route to Paris from London.  This inflight dining allowed the passengers to enjoy a healthy snack that was a combination of a sandwich and delicious fruits. This changed the dynamics of the airline industry as more passengers started to expect a healthy diet when booking a flight.

    Food Poisoning is  Reality

    How much have you traveled before? Have you ever had an inflight dining experience that got your stomach in trouble? If yes, you’re not alone in this. The food poisoning that happens on the flight meals is no joke. The cases are on the rise, and it is something that has to be avoided at any cost. Today, with much evolution of the culinary world, the inflight meals are prepared by experienced chefs, and collaboration is done with catering companies who are given strict guidelines to follow the safety protocols.

    Inflight meals are Never the Same

    Depending on the type of seat you’ve booked, the inflight meals will vary as well. Every meal varies in size, quantity, and even taste. For example, if you’re about to travel in economy class, the portion of the meal and the choice of the food will be limited. Contrary to this, people who travel in the business class have the opportunity of choosing from a plethora of dishes before being served. More often than not, they also get appetizers, which are pretty tempting.

    Your Senses Get Confused

    When you fly at a high altitude, even the food tastes different. So it’s not your ears that will get blocked, but your taste buds, too, will suffer as a result. So don’t panic if the croissants don’t taste that much sweeter than ever. Most people begin to panic and complain about the quality of the meals. In reality, it is due to the height that they experience a sudden change in what they taste or smell.

    Everything is Packaged Properly

    Don’t expect the food to be served in its exact condition, the way it is cooked. Every part of the food is properly packaged and served to you then. Especially when the seven-course gourmet meal is prepared, it is protected with packing, so nobody claims. This is also done to protect the quality of food because it is common for food items to rot very quickly at high altitudes.

    Cooking on Flight is Tough

    Every meal has to withstand cooking and reheat when it is prepared on the flight. Most of the time, meals are already prepared on land by the catering companies and then transported into the plane. Every part of the food has to be tasty. Otherwise, the customers will register complaints on social media. After all, when people invest a lot of time and money in paying for the airline ticket, they stand a chance to question anything that goes wrong during the service.

    There is Science Involved in making Food in Airplane Taste the Same

    Luckily, modern airlines have devised menus that are scrumptious and allow you to enjoy the original taste of the food. At an altitude of 30,000 feet, settling for a tomato-based dish wouldn’t be the right choice. Therefore, airlines are working on how they can provide good quality meals during the flight.

    The Inflight Dining on Budget Airlines

    For your information, many airlines such as Easyjet and Monarch do not provide free food on airlines. Because they offer budget-friendly travel, you cannot expect them to serve you with everything you have been wishing to eat for a long time.

    Top Airline Providers with the Best Meals

    Full-service airlines such as Virgin Atlantic or British Airways will serve you with one fuller meal inclusive of snacks and drinks. This will be included in the price of the ticket on a long-haul flight. They also offer free snacks and coffee to the passengers on short flights as well. No wonder these airlines have quickly garnered positive reviews in a short time of their service in many countries across the globe.

    In-Flight Meal Upgrades

    Most airlines don’t offer any in-flight meal upgrades to the passengers. However, if you want to get an upgrade, you might have to pay some extra money prior to flying.  For example, when you travel on British Airways, they will offer a free standard meal with the economy class. However, if you want to enjoy something more tempting, you will always have to pay for it.

    First Class Plane Food

    The first-class meals are prepared by top-notch chefs, who have a strong reputation in the industry. They offer a luxury fine dining experience with the bar included as well. No! you won’t have to pay any extra money to enjoy tequila. All you need to do is, rest assured about the meals that are included in your ticket and can confirm during booking. No wonder , the airlines have improved the quality of their meals, so people love to travel by air and have a great experience.


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