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    New Zealand cafe prevents PM Jasinda from entering, says- Sorry, there is no place

    This rarely happens when the prime minister of a country goes to the restaurant for coffee and snacks in public. Moreover, it has rarely happened that a restaurant can stand out the PM of the country. But this happened in New Zealand. Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern arrived at Wellington’s famous Cafe Olive with her partner Clerk Greyford. The manager stopped them by saying that the restaurant did not have a seating area.

    In fact, he was not allowed to enter the Corona era due to strict rules of social distancing. However, after about twenty five hours, their seating arrangement was done. According to The Guardian, Joy, a man, reported the incident on Twitter. He wrote that ‘OMG, the PM of New Zealand was returned from not having a place in Olive Restaurant’.

    This was very surprising for the user because under the rules of social distancing, 100 people are allowed in the restaurant and the convenience of sitting groups is 1 meter away. Despite this, the restaurant could not arrange the PM’s seating.

    PM Ardern’s partner blamed himself for this mess

    However, PM Ardern’s partner blamed himself for the mess. He said that he could not book the table beforehand. The lockdown has been lifted in New Zealand. But the precaution of social distancing continues. This is the reason that the cafe stopped the PM outside.

    However, after waiting for about 45 minutes, arrangements were made for the PM to sit in the cafe. The manager himself ran to the outside to call PM Jasinda. During this time, PM Jasinda, like the rest of the customers, kept waiting for the table to be empty.


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