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    Parents upset due to deteriorating education system amid epidemic, lockdown is becoming a hindrance in progress and education of special children

    Coronavirus has led to increased concerns among children about children’s education. Along with this, parents are also worried about increasing stress, nervousness, behavior and enhanced learning among children. In such a situation, the parents of children with special care for education have already become more burdened. It is impossible for these children to continue with online learning services. Apart from this, parents busy in their work also do not have time to interfere in it.

    In these circumstances, parents are worried about the future of their children. They feel that if the school is closed then the progress of the child will either stop or else it will go backward. If you feel that the child is being affected by development and emotionally, then immediately go to school, meet a pediatrician and talk to a psychiatrist. Be clear and calm towards what is possible. Basically, the emotional health of the child is more important. So keep an eye on good relationships, physical and mental health.

    Benefits of schedule

    Children depend on elders for structure. A skill set executive function involves decision making and planning. Creating management in life depends on these abilities. But these capabilities are not fully developed until the age of 20 years. Only elders in the house have developed brains, so children are dependent on them for these abilities. A set school schedule makes a child’s day useful. It is also necessary for the child emotionally.

    Make a strong plan

    A strong plan will help you reduce your stress. Use your resources to address emotional and behavioral concerns. Because you don’t have time to interfere in these things. Usually early behavior education depends on the intervention of the elders. This means if the child is not able to participate in the treatment, you can still take some steps. If parents have time, there are some online support services for children struggling with autism, ADHD and disability. Also recognize that early learners need to develop academic fluency. Such as identifying words and catching up on the facts of mathematics.

    Plan for bad times

    This is the right time when you can think about the downfall of your children’s academic plan. The process of developmental updates and academic interventions generally depends on the feedback from the classroom and therapists. For now, parents, schools and service providers should remain flexible to make better plans.

    If you are concerned about the child’s education and development, then you can also start with a new assessment. This process is difficult, but also possible due to social distancing. Most developmental and educational assessment depends on the child’s history and reports. Support and educational intervention is always necessary to plan and monitor a good child.

    For adhd

    • Organization, time management and planning are particularly difficult for children struggling with ADHD. Guess what should be done at the beginning of the day through monitoring and when possible check the organization of children from time to time.
    • Behavioral changes usually depend on the parent’s prepared plan. Constant praise, reward, and setting boundaries improve ADHD and reduce stress at home.
    • Good sleep, exercise and limited screentime play a large role in the improvement of ADHD. Right now most of the children are spending more time in front of the screen, but it is very important to set a limit. You can also take medicine.

    For autism

    • Behavior therapy is the best treatment for autism, but it is a bit harder to do at home. It also depends on the child’s ability and online interference. Parents should interfere if you are seeing any major change in behavior.
    • If you are able, then social skills will do the same effect. There is no need for you to behave like a therapist, but it is good if you know a social skill that is beneficial for your child. You can start it at home by codifying the child with the team that is treating you.
    • Communication and language therapy are also good for treating autism. Your child can do it online along with physical therapy.

    For learning disorder and development delays

    • Teachers and therapists can give online instruction in small groups in many areas. These instructions can also be extended through regular homework and practices.
    • A few minutes of fluency work can help, especially for young children.


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