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    Patna: 1005 cases so far: One IAS officer also infected; Passenger aircraft flew from Patna Airport 53 days later

    • Those who came in contact with the IAS officer were isolated and sent their samples for examination.
    • After May 3, 7500 samples of those coming to Bihar from many states were investigated, 352 samples report positive

    The number of infected in Bihar has reached 1005. Seven people have died. 411 have returned home after recovering. The report of an IAS officer is positive. These officers of 2017 batch are posted in Nalanda. He has been sent to the isolation center. He has no travel history. It is believed that they may have come in contact with a local infected. People who come in contact with this officer are isolated and their samples have been sent for investigation.

    53 days later, the passenger plane took off

    A passenger aircraft took off from Patna Airport 53 days later. A chartered plane from Mumbai landed at 9.15 am. The plane took off for Mumbai at 10 am. This led to 105 officers trapped in the lockdown to Mumbai. These 105 people were called to the airport at half past six in the morning. The second aircraft will leave 110 ONGC officials and staff from Mumbai at 3:30 pm and land at Patna Airport at quarter to six. Passengers will be transported from the airport to homes by bus and car.

    352 positive after 3 May

    After May 3, a sample of 7500 of those coming to Bihar from various states was investigated. Of these, 352 samples were reported positive. There are 114 people from Delhi. In addition, 97 infected people came from Gujarat, 66 from Maharashtra, 22 from West Bengal, 17 from Haryana and 13 from Uttar Pradesh. Between May 3 and May 14, the number of infected increased from 516 to 999. From 3 May, migrant laborers started coming from special labor trains.

    2.15 lakh expatriates living in quarantine center

    The block-level 4671 quarantine center has over 2.15 lakh expatriates. Today, 46795 expatriates are arriving from 32 trains. On Thursday, 51 thousand people arrived by 34 trains. 65306 people have come to Bihar via buses from various states. All of them were sent from Gopalganj and Kaimur borders to the Quarantine Center in the block of their district.


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