Preparation to teach China a lesson on the economic front, Chinese equipment will be ousted from BSNL

BSNL and MTNL to reduce chinese dependency

There is an atmosphere of anger in the country about China after violent clashes in the Galvan valley of Ladakh. In order to teach China a lesson, many organizations have also demanded a boycott of Chinese goods.

Telecom Ministry Order

Meanwhile, the Telecom Ministry has now directed BSNL to reduce the utility of Chinese companies. The ministry has directed BSNL to reduce the utility of Chinese companies in its execution. If there is any bidding, consider it again.

Apart from this, the Ministry of Communications has also instructed private companies to take firm decision in this direction by thinking afresh.

What instructions did the ministry give

  • Upgradation of 4G facility should not use equipment made by any Chinese companies
  • The entire tender is issued anew.
  • All private service operators will be instructed to reduce dependence on Chinese equipment rapidly.

Heavy Chinese investment in Internet companies

China has a huge investment in all the big internet companies in India. According to statistics, the market for telecom equipment is 12 thousand crores, in which the share of Chinese product is about 25 percent.

According to the telecom companies, if they think of buying American and European telecom equipment compared to China, then their cost will increase by 10-15%. But now when the government has warned, then companies will have to take it seriously.

Preparations for economic injury on China

Apart from this, the Department of Telecom (DoT) is also considering that private mobile service operators of the country should also reduce their dependence on the product of Chinese companies with promptness. Because Chinese-made questions have also been raised about security from the Twork Security Equipments.

At the same time, the trade organization CAT has decided to intensify the national campaign to boycott Chinese products and promote Indian goods. The organization has prepared a list of 500 goods, from which it has been decided not to order from China.


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