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    PM Modi’s China bluntly, do not get any confusion, will give proper answer, martyrdom will not go in vain

    After the skirmish between the soldiers of India and China in the Galvan valley of Ladakh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that I want to assure the country that the sacrifice of our soldiers will not go in vain. India’s integrity and sovereignty is supreme for us and nothing can stop us from protecting it. India wants peace, but India is capable of providing the right answer on every provocation. Nobody should have any doubt or doubt about this.

    Before talking to the Chief Ministers on video conferencing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his brief address that we have always worked in a cooperative and friendly manner and have always wished for the welfare of the world. Where there were differences … We always tried not to change this dispute. India is in favor of peace in every situation. India wants peace, but is also able to respond appropriately on provocation. We never provoke anyone, but we also do not compromise the integrity and sovereignty of our country.

    The Prime Minister further said that we know how to give proper answers on provocation. On every occasion we have demonstrated our valor for our integrity and sovereignty. We have always proved our abilities on time. Renunciation is part of our national character. At the same time, heroism is also a part of our character. I assure the nation that the sacrifice of our soldiers will not go in vain. Regarding the brave sons of Mother India, the country will be proud that they have been martyred for the fighting motherland.


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