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    Qatar With Kids: Why You Should Explore Doha Festival City

    Qatar offers a lot when it comes to shopping, fun, and entertainment, especially if you travel with your kids. It is one of the world’s family-friendly destinations because it boasts a wide variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. 

    Best of all, there is a long list of kids entertainment options where your little ones can indulge their love for playtime as you shop for unique Qatari items you can bring home.

    When in Qatar, your visit would be incomplete if you don’t spend at least a day at Doha Festival City. This is one of the country’s finest malls you should include in your itinerary because of the following reasons.

    Lots of Fun-filled Activities

    When it comes to engaging activities your family will surely enjoy, Doha Festival City is sure to deliver.

    1. Enjoy unique rides and attractions at the Angry Birds World.

    One of the main highlights of this mall is the Angry Birds Park, as it takes your children to the world of Angry Birds. It offers 20 unique rides and attractions – something you can all look forward to.

    These include:

    • A City Studio offering different activities that test your strength. These include roller gliders, wall climbing, and rope courses.
    • An excellent Go-Kart track adults can also enjoy. Show off your driving skills on the crazy path.
    • A 17-meter tower where everyone can engage in different educational activities.
    • An actual Red House where you can experience a Raft Battle, starting from the Bird Island and finishing at Piggy Island. You can also enjoy the Angry Coaster that’s a guaranteed thrilling ride.

    2. Engage in competitive games at Virtuocity.

    Be a part of an entirely different gaming world by checking out Virtuocity. This is the first-ever gaming hub in the region offering full-motion racing simulators, multipurpose sports arena, escape rooms, and many more. It features player-to-player tournaments and team battles using cutting-edge technology.

    The escape room is among the must-try activities at the Virtuocity. It puts your problem-solving skills to the test because it only gives you 60 minutes to escape the scenario you choose.

    Moreover, Virtuocity has a retail store offering a wide range of gaming products, latest releases, apparel, and limited-edition games.

    3. Cool down at Snow Dunes

    The Snow Dunes offers you the privilege of experiencing snow in the Middle East. It offers the following attractions.

    • Snow Storm – a duo racer ride that takes you on a unique adventure
    • Dune Dash – the longest slide in the park
    • White Dunes – a dune bashing experience in the snow
    • Expedition – an adventure to the top of the park’s snowy mountain
    • Snow Slide – a fast slide covered with snow
    • Snow Motion – go down the slide in a twist and turn motion
    • Magic Box – party in the snow and enjoy memorable celebrations

    In addition, the Snow Dunes also has several cafes and restaurants offerings snacks and savory delicacies.

    4. Walk, run, or cycle at The Outdoor Leisure Trail.

    Put your physical skills to the test by taking a run or riding a bike at The Outdoor Leisure Trail. 

    Free to use for mall visitors, this trail offers different surfaces and route features with inbuilt obstacles and gradients suitable for beginners and advanced bikers. It also has a running track with exercise stations along the route to encourage runners to enjoy the green spaces and exercise.

    5. Watch a movie at Vox Cinemas.

    The mall offers the best blockbusters in four different movie experiences – 4DX, KIDS, MAX, and THEATRE. Whether you want to watch Bollywood, Arabic, or Hollywood films, Vox Cinemas offers them all.

    A Massive Collection of Brands and Shops

    Doha Festival City has an enormous collection of shops and brands to choose from. Here are some of the new and unique stores the mall offers.

    • Mumuso – a newly opened Korean lifestyle brand offering gadgets, skincare products, jewelry, bath and body products, and accessories.
    • Festival Souq – a shop where you can find awesome items at a bargain – those found in Home Centre. It is a hidden gem because only a few know about it.
    • Khaadi Qatar – a well-known Pakistani brand of clothes offering a vast collection of contemporary and ethnic Pakistani garments in various styles, colors, and fabrics. This is Qatar’s only Khaadi store.
    • Ambix Perfume – a boutique specializing in French perfumes. The fragrances are a combination of Arabian and high-quality French scents.
    • Harvey Nichols – a premier luxury fashion brand in the UK offering the finest quality of clothing, shoes, handbags, skincare, makeup, and other luxury items. This is also Qatar’s only Harvey Nichols’ store.
    • OnlyRoses – a London brand offering luxury gifts in the form of fresh roses, with the Infinite Roses as their signature gift item. Made from real roses, their products can last for about a year without water.
    • NBA Store – an NBA official store featuring basketball-related apparel, including t-shirts, hardware, jerseys, footwear, basketballs, and other NBA collectibles.
    • IKEA – a Swedish furniture shop that offers huge and besides furnishing that includes home décor items, outdoor furnishings, and home accessories of different kinds.

    Other shops worth checking out include Monoprix, ACE Hardware, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior Beauty Boutique, and Kiehl’s.

    100+ Dining Options

    Nothing beats Doha Festival City when it comes to offering a long list of dining options. It is home to more than a hundred cafes and restaurants offering dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.

    1. Cafes

    Enjoy the best of snacks and beverages from wholesale food distributors in the UAE in a relaxed environment in one of the mall’s vibrant cafes.

    2. Restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    Whether you are looking for a dining establishment that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the mall has you covered. Expect a hassle-free dining experience at any one of the restaurants at Doha Festival City.

    3. North and South food outlets

    Savor the best of fast food and other menus in the mall’s spacious food facilities.

    Other Signature Services

    Doha Festival City offers additional services to make your visit more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable.

    ATM Machines

    The mall has strategically placed ATMs to ensure a safe and comfortable transaction at all times.

    In-Mall Assistants

    You can hire in-mall assistants to help you with your shopping, such as carrying your bags. Professional babysitting services are also available if you need someone to care for your child while you shop.  

    In-Mall Taxi Service

    Roaming around the mall can be tiring. Luckily, you can hire an in-mall taxi to get your family around the mall with less hassle.

    Shop & Drop

    The mall offers a shop and drop service where you can leave everything you’ve bought, so you don’t have to carry them all the time. You can just pick them up if you are ready to leave the mall.

    Customer Assistance

    Superb customer assistance makes the Doha Festival City mall one of the highly visited places in Qatar. The staff here can assist with just about anything, such as finding a shop or a lost item.

    Other services the mall offers include prayer rooms, free Wi-Fi, valet parking, mall guide, and use of strollers and wheelchairs.

    Doha Festival City is indeed one of the best destinations for families. This place will keep you entertained the entire day with its hand-picked brands and top-of-the-line activities to choose from.

    Whether you are a shopaholic looking for the best brands or a family searching for unique and thrilling adventures, this mall is your go-to Qatar destination!

    Author Bio:

    Hisham Elzubeir is the Marketing Manager at Doha Festival City, the largest entertainment, fashion, dining and shopping destination in Qatar. The mall has more than 400 international and local brands, including some of the most anticipated names, many of which made their Qatar debut, such as Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehl’s, Dior Beauty Boutique, ACE and IKEA. Hisham brings over 15 years of international expertise to the communications team at Doha Festival City.


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