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    Resident doctors in Maharashtra demands hike in stipend and 6 days leave

    Resident doctors doing duty during Covid-19 in Mumbai have demanded a 6-day mandatory leave and a stipend of Rs 25,000 from the Maharashtra government. The medical staff has submitted a letter filled with their demands to the Maharashtra government. The doctors’ organization Mard (Maharashtra Association of Residents) wrote to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray for self-quarantine period of 6 days and eighty five days for resident doctors on duty in treatment of corona in Mumbai city and twenty five thousand Has demanded a stipend of Rs.

    In fact, the BMC resident, who is facing a shortage of doctors, is allowing only 2 days’ leave to the resident doctors after five days of duty. However, earlier most junior doctors were allowed a quarantine period of 7 days after 7 days of duty, as per central government policy.

    The Resident Doctors Association argues that if the government is feeling short of medical staff in Mumbai, then it can increase the stipend and take work from other doctors, including AYUSH doctors, personal doctors. Mard has also demanded health insurance from the Maharashtra government. Corona virus infection has increased rapidly in Mumbai. A total of 734 people have died in Mumbai so far.

    The total corona patients in Mumbai city has reached 20150. A total of 1595 cases of corona infection have been reported in Mumbai in the last 24 hours. So far, 1198 patients have died of corona infection in the state. The total number of corona patients in Maharashtra now stands at 33053. A total of 7688 people have been discharged from the corona so far in the state.

    Maharashtra is at number one in the country in terms of Covid-19 infection and most deaths are happening in Maharashtra itself. For the prevention of corona infection in the state, 3 lakh 48 thousand 508 people have been kept in home quarantine in Maharashtra. Apart from this, 17638 people are Institutional Quarantine.


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