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    What is The Best Way to Make a Small Bathroom Look Luxurious?

    Homeowners often find it challenging to decorate a small bathroom. They worry about adding anything to the room that might make it appear smaller than it is. Most rooms of this type lack natural light and remain limited in terms of square footage. With the right plan in place, a person can make this room look brighter and bigger without spending a fortune to achieve this goal. How can a homeowner transform this room quickly and easily?

    Provide Ample Storage

    Items sitting on a vanity leave the room looking cluttered. Find ways to keep these items to a minimum. While it’s appropriate to have a soap dispenser on the counter or a toothbrush holder, seek help from Unique Vanities to find a cabinet that will hold other times frequently used in the bathroom so they don’t remain on display. With countless vanities available today, every homeowner will find one that meets their needs perfectly. 

    Upgrade the Bath Mat

    Many homeowners find they cannot afford a Turkish or Persian rug for the main living spaces in their homes. Why not replace the bath mat in your bathroom with a rug of this type? Doing so adds personality and sophistication to this small space while making it look clean and fresh. The soft texture of these rugs makes them ideal for bare feet, and these rugs look better as they fade. 

    Create a Spa Vibe

    Men and women love spending time at a spa. In fact, they go to a spa for a variety of reasons. However, countless individuals find they cannot make this trip as often as they would like. Why not recreate the spa atmosphere in the comfort of your home? It’s easy to do so by using a monochromatic color scheme in the room. People often assume this means using neutral colors, but there is no reason to do so. Choose a soothing color as the main shade in the bathroom and layer with a darker and lighter shade of the same color. 

    Install Shelves

    Install shelves wherever possible in the bathroom. For example, add a shelf in the shower to hold items you use every day when you wash. This keeps them out of a visitor’s line of sight while still keeping them easily accessible. Consider adding a shelf above the toilet to hold extra rolls of toilet paper or additional towels. Many hotels use tiered shelves to hold bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Having this type of shelving system in your home can increase the space in your bathroom while giving the room a luxurious feel. Use high-quality towels in this shelving system for the best look. 

    Upgrade the Lighting

    Who says lighting in a bathroom must be functional and visually unappealing? People often move into a new home and never upgrade the builder-grade lighting in the bathroom. Don’t make this mistake. To transform a small bathroom into a luxurious retreat, install a chandelier over the tub or put scones around the vanity. Small changes make a drastic difference in a room of this size. 

    Transform your bathroom into a luxurious space with the help of these tips. As the room is so small, it is easy to upgrade the space without spending a fortune to do so. Use elegant materials while keeping the cost down and invest in new accessories. With one or two changes, you’ll find the room looks like a completely new space. Try one tip today and see the difference. Once you do, you’ll want to make other changes right away. 


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