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    What is Saturday Lotto All About, and Why Are People Playing It?

    During the weekends, you would usually spend the day lazing around the house after a whole week of putting your time and energy into work. That is the perfect time to do something other than thinking about work, and one activity you can do is playing lottery games. Many people turn to lottery games for different reasons, such as seeking a good thrill or finding the best ways to acquire the jackpot. 

    One game that you may want to consider playing in the Saturday Lotto, which is the most famous lottery game that Australians play. Before you play the game, it would be best to learn everything about Saturday Lotto to use some of the knowledge to your advantage.

    What is the game all about?

    As stated by its name, Saturday Lotto is a national lottery held on Saturdays. It goes by many names in different cities, such as TattsLotto in Tasmania and Victoria, Saturday Lotto in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia, X Lotto in South Australia, and Gold Lotto in Queensland, to name a few. 

    Millions of players all over Australia play the game, and it involves drawing eight numbers. The first draw consists of the organizer drawing six balls in a large barrel that contains balls with numbers drawn ranging from 1 to 45. The next two balls drawn are considered supplementary numbers. 

    And players who want to play in Division 6, which is the lowest division in Saturday Lotto, only need to match 3 number balls to win the jackpot. Since players only have to match three numbers instead of the standard 8 number game, Division 6 will not contain millions of Australian dollars. 

    How can you play Saturday Lotto?

    The game is as simple as it gets and does not involve too many moving parts. But if you are new to the game, the most basic steps you can take to participate in the game. 

    • Decide your Saturday Lotto entry.

    The first step to play the game is deciding which entry you want to participate in the Saturday Lotto. You have several choices, including the Standard Entry, Lotto Party Entry, System Entry, Super Combo Entry, or Syndicate Entry. The entries have different methods for playing the game, so you may need to dig deep with each entry. However, many beginners who do not want to get technical and only want to play the game choose Standard Entry or System Entry most of the time. 

    • Select your desired numbers.

    Once you have chosen your entry, the second step is to figure out your numbers. You have the freedom to choose six numbers. If you are confused about what numbers you want to place, you can always use the Quick Pick option that generates the six numbers for you at random. 

    • Buy your lottery ticket.

    The third step is buying the lottery ticket that you can get through an online website or the lottery’s mobile apps. 

    • Ensure to check your numbers for the winning combination.

    The last step is to be aware of the possibility of you winning the lottery. It would be best to check your combinations during each draw to claim your money once you get all six combinations. 

    The game is a great pastime for people who want to enjoy a game without repercussions. 

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