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    SMS Hospital Employee Vishnu Gujar buried Sixteen dead dodies

    • The story of Vishnu, who has been working for the last seven years in the mortuary of the largest government hospital in Jaipur
    • Vishnu said – the family does not even go to the dead bodies, we are the only ones performing the last rites.

    27-year-old Vishnu Gurjar works in the morgue of SMS, the largest hospital in Jaipur. Living among dead bodies is not new to him, he has touched several hundred dead bodies, he has been doing the same job for the last seven years. But this was the first time Vishnu had to bury a corpse or perform his funeral work. 

    In the last 50 days 65 bodies have been cremated. The story of Vishnu’s burial and burning of dead bodies

    Till date I have not been to any graveyard and crematorium. When my duty was included in the funeral due to Corona, I would have stepped into a cemetery for the first time. Since then, the bodies of 16 Muslims alone have been buried and 10 bodies have been set on fire by themselves. Till now I have cremated 66 Hindu-Muslim dead bodies together with other companions. During this time, an incident also occurred when there was fear in the heart.

    In the first week of the same month, two bodies of the same Muslim family came. I did not even know how to bury. Asked the people present there. Then I was told that according to the corona guidelines, a slightly deeper pit has to be dug.

    When I started digging the pit for the grave, after a while I started feeling suffocated there. For a few seconds I panicked. Wearing PPE kit, the sweat was already there. Thinking that both of them had died of corona, my hands were trembling.

    The family had seen the dead bodies for the last time from a distance. The family does not even go to the dead bodies. Bodies come packed in full. We remove the body from the stretcher. Then perform the last actions.

    If a Muslim has a body and wants to read Kalma, then give him full time to read Kalma and then bury him.

    After burying the dead body, there were dreadful dreams for the next three-four days. Many times in the night, sleep was opened with a jerk. There was also this fear in my mind that we might become corona.

    But the dead bodies kept coming and we also kept doing our work. If the Hindu lives, then they burn. A Muslim is buried.

    Corona had stopped going home since patients arrived at the hospital. Went home for the first time after 40 days, fearing that no one in the family might get an infection because of me.

    The house has a six-month-old daughter, a three-year-old son and wife. Had left the infection so he could not go home. Even now the day I burn or bury the dead body does not go.

    Arrangements have been made for our stay in a Dharamshala built outside the hospital. Live here. Eat and drink here. However, within two-three days, we have started going home.

    Because the lockdown took too long. However my corona report has come negative. Has started going home since then.


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