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    Son Arrived in India to Meet Her Ailing Mother, She Died While He Was In Quarantine

    May 25, 2020 Life doesn’t always go according to plan or Covid-19 restrictions – 30-year old Aamir Khan quit his job in Dubai to spend some time with his ailing mother, upon arrival he was quarantined while the news of her mother’s death came few days short of his 14-day isolation ending in Delhi.

    Mr. Khan expressed regret and said he was not allowed to perform the last rites of his mother at their home in Rampur, who breathed her last on Saturday. He still has two days left to his quarantine but he was not allowed to leave.

    Aamir moved to Dubai six years ago to work as a product consultant in one of the multinational companies and returned back on May 13, 2020, where was he sent to 14-day institutional quarantine, as per new guidelines by the civil aviation ministry.

    ‘’I had plans to come to India in March and at least spend a month with my mother. I guess we will learn to live with the virus but the emotional losses it is causing will remain with us forever. After my mother was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in November last year, I was living with one agenda that I have to meet her anyhow. I was a series of narrow misses despite I determined to do so.’’, Aamir Khan in a telephonic interview from a hotel in New Delhi where he is quarantined.

    On Sunday, the day of his mother’s funeral, the government introduced fresh guidelines for all international arrivals. It segregated the 14-day quarantine into two institutional phases of seven days each. The first seven-day institutional quarantine would be at the traveler’s own cost, followed by seven-days of home isolation.

    The government, in the revised guidelines also mentioned, that home quarantine to be permitted for 14 days in exceptional cases such as death, pregnancy, serious illness and parents who were accompanied by the child below 10 years.


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