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    What’s Cool About the Sucker Punch Sally Motorcycle?

    Hitting the road brings to mind the wind in your hair and the total freedom of riding a motorcycle. The right bike takes the journey to another level of adventure and enjoyment. Plus, you need a bike that’s affordable and durable. Discover what’s cool about the Sucker Punch Sally motorcycle and why riders around the country are buzzing about it.

    The Story Began in 2002

    In 2002, Sucker Punch Sallys began as a custom bike building business by design partners Jeff Cochran and Donny Loos. By 2007, the small operation started building custom bikes out of a new facility in Arizona. Select dealers around the nation sell these unique bikes, such as American Motorcycle Trading Co, where riders can shop for the ultimate motorcycle based on their budget and Customization preferences. 

    Sucker Punch Sally is Built for You

    The Sucker Punch Sally is built specially for each rider, making it a true production custom bike. While Sucker Punch Sally focuses on the buyer’s preferences, the dealers take care of crucial details such as licensing, insuring, and financing the bike. As a result, riders get a customized bike without breaking the bank. Additionally, when the bike is ready, the rider is also prepared to get on the road without hassles.

    Working Man’s Bike

    Because of its customization at a competitive price, the Sucker Punch Sally is known as the working man’s bike. With that in mind, they build the bikes their customers want and can’t wait to ride. Riders who want an incredible bike gain access to the horsepower and details they crave at a no-nonsense price they can afford. While it may seem more expensive than a regular bike, when riders consider the cost of customization, it’s an incredible deal.

    Modern Manufacturing at Old-Fashioned Cost

    In 2007, the SuckerPunch Sally received industry awards for its innovative approach to creating custom bikes. In addition, the distinctive quality and style make it stand out from other bikes, so you get noticed on the road. In addition, modern manufacturing comes together with classic style for a ride that looks and feels good all the time. Plus, riders customize their bikes to really enjoy the open road. 

    Outstanding Design and Handling

    While the bike is large, the Sucker Punch Sally is also an outstanding design that is easy to handle on the road. Because the bike is customized, a rider gets exactly the size and style desired to feel comfortable. In addition, the horsepower keeps riders moving forward toward the adventures they always dreamed of.

    Get on the Road Now

    Saving for a custom bike can take years, leaving riders sitting at home when they can’t wait to get on the road. Fortunately, dedicated adventurers now have access to an innovative and customized ride without making compromises. Now you can start looking at the perfect motorcycle and explore financing options so you can start riding as soon as possible. Every day you wait to get a new bike is another adventure you could be missing.

    For several years, the Sucker Punch Sally has been a buzzword among dedicated riders. Whether you are buying your first bike or are a seasoned rider who wants a customized motorcycle, this is the ultimate ride for everyone. Find out more today and take a test drive tomorrow to discover why everyone is talking about this incredible bike.


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