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    Supreme Court orders for free Coronavirus tests all over India

    Indian Supreme court decreed to private labs for not to charge patients appearing for COVID-19 tests across the country. Laboratories across the country, whether it exists Government approved or private approved laboratories, are free of cost. Many of the reasonable steps were put up by the Government of India to contain the spreading cases of Novel Corona Virus.

    The Supreme court also declares the offer for laboratories openly, that the fees charged for the testing of COVID-19 are conducted unrestricted for the people by labs, and Government will expend the fees charged for the testing. That’s why all the leaders are contributing to our country by donating 30% of the salary.

    Top court-ordered to the whole Hospitals and Laboratories across the country has to test COVID-19 affected people for free of cost. It is the Government’s responsibility to reimburse private approved laboratories.

    Whether the tests are expensive, but the Government will pay for all of these, as per the order by the top court. The Supreme court also implied that the tests must be carried out in agencies or NABL-accredited labs approved by the ICMR or WHO.

    If the laboratories can’t be able to appropriately reimbursed to the affected people, then the Government will help in reimbursing to takes off the disease from the individuals. Many of the Hospitals or laboratories are performing well in containing the spreading of the Novel Corona Virus pandemic.

    The top court also announced that must ensure that how many centers, hospitals, and labs of COVID-19 exist across the country and even the numbers of the testing kits.


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