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    Necessary operation started in Hospitals, Railway protocol updated

    Amid the lock-down, the central and state governments have made additional arrangements for hospitals for potential patients of COVID-19. Now the central government is preparing to restore essential medical services in hospitals within the next week. The government says that due to COVID-19, most of the services in the hospitals are stalled due to which serious diseases are not being treated. This problem will now be overcome.

    CK Mishra, the head of the group of officers on the management of hospitals and the environment secretary, said that a lot of preparations had been made for the treatment of COVID-19. Now we are trying to test and treat more and more patients and try to prevent deaths. In this connection, regular medical services are also being restored.

    Many services affected: He said that many essential medical services were affected. There are many more important medical procedures, including chemotherapy given to cancer patients, dialysis of kidney patients, operation of heart patients, which cannot be avoided for long. Now the government is trying to restore these services soon.

    The government can issue guidelines: In the coming days, patients will be treated in hospitals or centers for COVID-19 only. The central government will issue guidelines for this in the coming days. It is expected that all services except OPD services will be started in the hospital in the next few days.

    Four hours before going to the railway station: The Railway Ministry has prepared the protocols related to coronavirus because of possible train operations from 15 April. Under this, the railway passenger will have to come to the station 4 hours before leaving the train on the lines of the airport. This allows the thermal screening of passengers at the station. Only passengers with reserved tickets will get admission to the station.

    Preparing to run non-AC trains: According to railway documents, Railways will run only non-AC trains. The trains will not have AC class coaches. 12 hours before the journey, the passenger will have to give information about his health to the Railways. Senior citizens will also be advised not to travel.

    Adherence to social distancing: If a passenger is found with coronavirus-like symptoms like cough, cold, fever, etc. in the coach, then such train will be stopped by TTE and other running staff by stopping the train on the way. All four doors of the train will remain closed. The train will run nonstop from one station to another. The train can be stopped at one or two stations as required.

    Waiting tickets will not be available: Railway officials informed that there are plans to run 360 trains in North India. Of this, due to booking, 133 seats are houseful because of long waiting. Waiting tickets will be canceled. Those with waiting tickets will not be able to travel.

    Masks and Gloves will be given: On entering the railway station, railway passengers will get masks and gloves. In place of this, railway passengers will be charged a nominal fee. It will be compulsory for passengers to apply masks in the station and train. More or less running staff will also be required to wear masks and gloves.


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