Teachers refused to distribute rations, said – We are also Corona Warriors, take care

Teachers refuse to distribute rations, said - we are also Corona Warriors take care

In the midst of the Corona crisis, teachers who distribute rations in MCD schools are troubled by quarrels and stone pelting. Incidents of stone pelting and fights also came up on Thursday. On investigation, it was found that there are reasons for low ration in sacks and another to reach people without coupon. Now the teachers have refused to distribute ration. In this regard, he has also written letters to LG and CM.

Vibha Singh, state deputy head of Municipal Corporation Teachers Association said that wheat and sugar bags were getting less grains. Now we have started keeping records of every sack. We have asked the Lt. Governor and Chief Minister to remove us from the task of distributing ration. By considering us as Corona Warriors, a provision should be made to give Rs 1 crore to the next of kin.


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