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    Techniques to Get a Perfect Score in Class 9 Science

    Getting a perfect score in science requires an in-depth understanding of the concepts, facts, and theories. When in class 9, you should make sure that your scores are perfect. This would indicate that your basics are clear and you’re ready to take up the challenge of class 10th board exams next year. 

    The answers to questions in the science exam are meant to be objective, precise, understandable, and easily comprehensible. The language used to explain the answers should be relatively simple. There is no need to answer the questions using fancy English words. This may interfere in conveying the correct meaning. Another interesting feature of science is the visual representation. The diagrams that are a part of science can fetch you more marks. 

    Here are some techniques and measures that you can use to obtain a perfect score in class 9th science examination.

    1. Know your syllabus – You must check the chapters and topics that make up your syllabus. This would provide you with a sense of clarity regarding what you have to study and how to go about further with planning your study schedule. You need to examine the contents of the syllabus and separate the easy and difficult topics. While you check the syllabus, either ask your teacher or go through the previous year’s question paper to find the marking scheme. This will help you identify the topics with more weightage and the topics with less weightage.
    2. Be scheduled – Being planned and following a schedule for studying is necessary. Science is a technical subject. Hence, students should not go about it haphazardly. Doing so will take you a few steps backwards rather than forward. Allot more time to topics that are difficult as well as hold more weightage, rather than the easy and less important ones.
    3. Study every topic one by one – Do not try to study more than one topic at the same time, while preparing for the examination. Study one topic at a time. Give sufficient time to each topic. Do not rush or else you will have to spend more time on that topic at the end, which will only cause panic. Studying two or more topics simultaneously will lead to a deficiency of time and effort for either one or all of the topics that you are studying.
    4. Maintain notes – Making notes when you are studying is necessary if you wish to get a perfect score. Class 9 science includes chapters from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Giving equal importance to all three subjects is important. Hence, maintaining notes as you go through each topic from all three sections would help you while you revise everything, after completing the syllabus. Writing things down in your words makes it easier for you to remember and retain them.
    5. Take practice tests – Practice tests provide you with the practice of sitting for the examination. They provide you with the pattern of the exam as well as the types of questions you can expect in the question paper. It also helps you find out your shortcomings and provides you guidance to redo the topics that may require more work. No other form of practice can give you as much confidence as sample tests.
    6. Revision – Revision is an integral part of preparing for any examination. Here is where you can utilize your handwritten notes. While revising, make sure to mark or highlight the concepts that may require another glance before the examination. If you think you can allot more time to the subject, you can also do an in-depth revision with the help of the book. Do not forget to revise the diagrams that are a part of biology, numerical problems in physics, and chemical equations in chemistry. These types of questions can be very scoring in the exam.
    7. Be clear and concise while answering – Science is based on factual information. Do not change the facts while trying to write your answers in fancy English. Use simple and comprehensible words in your answer. The length of the answer will not fetch you marks, the quality of your answer content will. Make sure you know the spellings of the technical words precisely. Do not overdo your answers. Do not write anything that you are not sure of. 
    8. Diagrams and labelling – Diagrams and labelling are an integral part of Biology. Make sure you practice drawing diagrams at least once before the examination. Be precise with labelling. The labelled words are technical. Therefore, be sure that you’re spelling them correctly. This is a very scoring part of Biology and can significantly enhance your score.
    9. Numericals – Numericals are a part of physics. They may not be everyone’s favourite to study but, you can score full marks if you get the answers to2 numerical problems right. The formulas used to solve these numerical problems should be maintained separately in the form of notes. Practice the numerical problems given in the textbook and revise the formulas thoroughly before the examination.
    10. Equations – Equations can be interesting if you know the chemical formulas thoroughly. If a wrong equation is provided for an answer, it will not fetch you any marks. Hence, revise the chemical formulas regularly and practice as many chemical equations as possible. Chemistry is all about chemical equations. Hence, it can help you get perfect scores as well.

    In CBSE class 9 science, all three parts of science are equally important. Hence, students should learn and understand the facts and theories of each section to write the correct answer. Do not rush to complete the syllabus. Study consistently and practice well to get a perfect score in the class 9 science exam.


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