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    The Most Complete Recommendation of Huawei’s Wearables

    Huawei is considered as one of the most competent technology companies, whose products can always catch our eyes easily, including tablets, phones, laptops, and so on. But today’s protagonist is wearable, which is characterized by a compact body but with powerful functions. If you want to have a wearable, this list will help you choose your ideal one. If you don’t have a shopping plan now, you can only take it as entertainment that helps you get closer to this world. Anyway, all of these products have been hand-picked and the article is worth reading.

    Huawei Watch 3

    The top one belongs to Huawei watch 3. It’s an impressive smartwatch with features as powerful as a phone. One of the special features is making calls supported by eSIM technology. So we prefer to call it “smartphone on your wrist”. In this way, we don’t need to worry about miss important messages or calls and always stay connected, even when the mobile is not by our side. Thanks to gesture control, we can income and mute calls with two simple gestures, which creates convenience when you’re driving and in a meeting.

    As for fitness, the watch offers more than 100 workout modes, which meets different needs. Besides, it can track heart rate, blood oxygen, step count, skin temperature, stress levels and SpO2. During the time with this watch, we were impressed by its accurate detection and scientific suggestion to improve our health, which helps us to establish and adjust our fitness plan and makes it more suitable for our health.

    What’s more, it offers a classic sensitive 1.43-inch AMOLED display, colourful watch faces, Apps download, thousands of music, SOS emergency, long battery life, personal voice assistant and more to explore.

    Its price is £349.99. Sincerely, it’s a little expensive. However, as a luxurious product, its best-in-class performance, premium build quality and long battery life deserve this price tag.

    Huawei Watch GT 2

    Huawei Watch GT 2

    Next, we’re going to introduce you a cost-effective smartwatch, that’s Huawei Watch GT 2. It delivers the majority of the features of the former when it comes to workout modes and health care. It’s an appropriate smartwatch designed to track your fitness progress both for its extensive workout modes and for its long battery life. It offers more than 100 workout modes like Huawei Watch 3 and real-time heart rate monitoring supported by the Intelligent AI heart rate algorithm. Besides, 5 ATM water-resistant conditions its use at the time of swimming. Thanks to the low power consumption system, it provides up to two weeks battery life, in this way, it frees us from the trouble of charging it fairly soon after doing exercise and we don’t need to worry about the battery suddenly going out when we do some sports that require a long time to finish like triathlon. However, this watch doesn’t permit us to install other apps, so we only can use those existing ones. 

    In spite of its competitive features, it’ll not hurt your wallet with a reasonable price of £99.99.

    Huawei Band 6

    If you think the smartwatch is too heavy for you and bothers you when doing excise and sleeping, Huawei Band 6 can be a good choice for its light weight, but obviously, it isn’t able to offer so many features as a smartwatch and it’s inconvenient to use it in formal situations for its casual design.

    It offers 96 workout modes, accurate tracking of heart rate, calories, maximum oxygen uptake, professional analysis and suggestions of records, as well as motivating reminders and notifications. Therefore, it can be our personal health coach that inspires us to reach our goals. As for fitness tracking, it provides us with all-day SpO2 monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking to take you an overall health report. 

    Its price of £44.99 makes it a good budget band, if you’re eager for a simple product to record your health data and don’t need extra features apart from fitness tracking, Huawei Band 6 is worth considering.


    Both Huawei smartwatch and band have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, your choice depends on your own consideration, for example, what features you value and how much you plan to spend on them. But there is one thing you can make sure, that is all products have high quality and you’ll not regret buying one.


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