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    Top 3 Amazing places to visit in Paris

    Paris is an incredible dream destination to visit in France, disperse over the Seine River in Northern France. It’s a mysterious fate of Vintage places and Historical Monuments. Also Famous for tremendous shopping junctions, large buildings, and expensive grasslands.

    Paris is the location where all wishes to arrive for holiday satisfaction and amusement trip. Thus the journey gives you new travel experience hold ever. Some fantastic places ahead are going to surprise your endurance very effectively.

    Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower is the first best place where you have to reach for your better experience journey. It’s created by Gustave Eiffel to praise the year of the French revolution to blowing everyone’s senses and presented at Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel. Nearly 7 million visitors per year visit to adorn of Eiffel Tower, and it’s 324 meters high.

    Paris Disneyland

    Disneyland Paris is located for Mickey lovers, can visit for a meet with their loves. Disneyland Paris is divided into two artistic theme parks: Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland with Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

    Disneyland is located 32 KM far from Paris center with a connection to the suburban RER A.

    Louvre Museum

    Louvre Museum is one of the best museums in the world situated in Paris. And also the most visited place in the world. It’s area wise distance is 210,000 square meters and 60,600 for the exhibitions.

    Divided into eight visiting parts –

    • Sculptures of the Middle Ages, Modern Times and Renaissance
    • Etruscan, Roman, and Greek
    • Oriental Antiquities
    • Egyptian Antiquities
    • Graphic Arts
    • Objects of Art
    • Islamic Art
    • Paintings

    Some places upward are located to must-visit Paris to make better your trip experience.


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