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    Coronavirus pandemic continues : 1076 fresh cases in India in last 24 hours

    Coronavirus pandemic has infected around 12,370 peoples so far in India. The toll in India is mounting every single day. Due to the strict actions of our Government, the spreading of this virus is very slow; hence India is able to stop the transmission of coronavirus to some extent. In the last 24 hours, around 1076 new cases are confirmed.

    As per the source, around 12,370 cases are confirmed in India. 10,440 cases are still active, and about 400 nationwide fatalities are registered so far. The number of recovered or discharged cases is around 1508.

    Delhi graph

    Due to lockdown, the number of cases in Delhi is decreased in last few days, and only 17 cases confirmed in the last 24 hours. Currently, there are 1578 confirmed cases in Delhi, 1505 cases are active, and around ten patients recovered in the previous 24 hours. Maharashtra is still the most affected state of India due to COVID-19. About 232 new patients are confirmed during the last 24 hours, and there are a total of 2916 cases in Maharashtra. 2434 cases are still active, and the treatment is going on.

    Tamilnadu has around 1242 confirmed cases, out of which 1110 are active, and with 118 recoveries, 14 deaths are registered so far. Rajasthan has registered around 1076 COVID-19 cases and 71 fresh cases yesterday. 147 patients defeated this pandemic and discharged in Rajasthan. We are mentioning some safety precautions, by which you can help society by saving lives and block the transmission chain.

    • Wash your hands regularly by soap or sanitizer
    • Stay at home during lockdown
    • Use Digital payments methods rather than using cash
    • Download and install Aarogya setu application and stay connected with latest guidelines of the government
    • Keep around 1m distance from unhealthy person
    • Follow social distancing


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